By Frank Palmer The token pictured on this page is a 1652 issue by William Keye. It is about the size of a farthing and was produced at the Tower Mint,London.

In the 1640s and 50s William Keye (or Key) was the owner and master of a ship the providence of Rye. He had been made a freeman, in 1624, and was a contractor to the government taking quantities of great shot from the iron furnaces in Sussex through Rye to the Tower of London at £13-10s per ton also supplying the navy and forts with cables, anchors and shot also Sussex corn for the navy, and bringing back black powder for the Rye Garrison. Continue reading RYE TOKENS

Mystery of the Town Hall Coffee Pot Unravelled

The mystery surrounding the Town Hall Silver Coffee Pot which caused such a furore when it was discovered among the collection of artifacts in the Town Hall and a proposal was made to sell it off to raise £6,000 towards the Rye St. John Ambulace fund has beeen solved. Continue reading Mystery of the Town Hall Coffee Pot Unravelled