Cheapest Petrol & Diesel in the Country

First to sell petrol at less than £1 per Litre

Now this is almost certainly cheapest Diesel in the country at 99.7p.

Surely less than anywhere else in the British Isles

Francis Walker of Jempson's
Francis Walker of Jempson’s


Where could this be? Jempsons of Peasmarsh have beaten Tesco and Asda to get their Diesel prices to less than £1 a litre.


The BBC made a big fuss when Asda got petrol to less than £1 per litre but they were two weeks later than Jempsons , who did it as a matter of course.

Jempsons Bros.

Lets give credit where credit is due, the local lads who have built their tiny village shop into a village superstore, in face of the retail giants who have driven most of their small business competitors to the wall, deserve a pat on the back for leading the country with lowest fuel prices.

MAPS & Jempsons van
MAPS & Jempsons van

Rye’s Own Bulletin 15 January 2016

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