Pen & Ink December 2010

Store War

The Store war between Tesco and Sainsbury is becoming a farce, neither of these stores should be allowed to build on the lower school site because of the access problems.

As adjacent houses are being bought up and then boarded up are we seeing another fishmarket road, where houses have been boarded up for over a decade.

There is a perfect site for a new supermarket in Rye and that is on the old Freda Gardham school site in new road.

With plenty of room to build and also save the school playing field for Rye United, which Keith Glazier and East Sussex county council want to build on so come on Rye Town Council and everyone else who has an interest in our town, let’s make sure that this playing field is saved for future generations before the whole site is sold off for housing, under our noses

J.Tolhurst New Winchelsea Road Rye.

Is it possible that Tesco have had the WHOLE of the Freda Gardham School site in mind for the past ten years and have been waiting for flood defences to be constructed which will allow new building to take place?

In the meantime they seem to have been satisfied for Rye people to take a trip to their stores in Hastings, Ashford and Tenterden and have prevented Sainsbury (who you may remember were interested in the Ferry Road site from the outset) by blocking the sale with an option on the Queen Adelaide which governs the entrance.

Is it only because Sainsbury have made a serious offer and purchased adjacent properties that Tesco has come up with a building plan? Or is this just another stalling practice?

A recent television programme pointed out that Tesco now have control over massive amounts of ground and are now possibly the second biggest landowners, next only to the Government, in Britain.

If Tesco do get the New Road site I cannot see them letting Rye United have a ground there. Editor

Remembering The Rye Aces

Dear Editor,

I am a regular reader of Rye’s Own Magazine and it keeps me in touch with my roots. I love to read about people and places I’ve known all my life. It has been of particular interest in more recent times when my brother has featured in articles associated with The Rye Lions. I was born in Playden the year before the start of the Second World War and the article written by Jimper in the April edition seemed to reflect my own memories of that time and how as children we seemed free to roam and explore and were unhampered by parents’ intervention.

I remember the excitement in early teenage years watching Rye Cycle Speed-Way when Bert Polley and Rex Swain were the heroes of the day. I took part in the Rye Carnival and danced at the Monastery on Bonfire Night!

The Rye Aces
The Rye Aces

Then I left home when I was eighteen and trained in London to be a Physiotherapist, returning home whenever possible. Later I lived in Edinburgh, Bristol and since then in Buckinghamshire. I returned to live at home for a short time before I married and worked at The Rye Memorial Hospital. I’ve kept in touch with my school and family friends and hold a great attachment to Rye and the surrounding area. In my various travels there has been no comparable magazine which in any way matches up to Rye’s Own. Thank you.

Beryl Dale (née Coleman) Chalfont St. Giles, Bucks.

From the December 2010 issue of “Rye’s Own”

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