69 Year Old Rye Man Jailed for 42 Days.


Refused to Pay his Council Tax

A man who lives at The Mint in Rye was jailed for 42 days at Hastings Magistrates Court yesterday (Wednesday 7 October)

He claimed that to pay his £1,800 plus Council Tax Bill owing to Rother District Council would be a ‘Criminal Offence’ under the Terrorism Act of 2000, as it may be used by the Government to spend on ‘Illegal’ foreign wars. He claimed that if he paid he would be breaking the law. Continue reading 69 Year Old Rye Man Jailed for 42 Days.

Save Tilling Green Community Centre

Another Irreplaceable Rye Community Facility about to be Demolished

The following film “The Future of Tilling Green”, was made a few years ago when the Primary School on Mason Road was closed, the electrics and gas stripped out so it could not be used, and the building was boarded up waiting for an excuse for demolition.

This was the same underhand method that was used with the Ferry Road Primary School. It was abandoned and one building suffered an arson attack. This was used as an excuse to demolish the other buildings. ESCC failed miserably to find a buyer and the community was robbed of a fine site for a library and sports facilities. Continue reading Save Tilling Green Community Centre

Time has Come to Protect Rye from Rother

The Rother Wreckers

They knocked down headstones in Rye Cemetery – They knocked down the Chapel in the Cemetery and turned it into an ‘Historic Relic’.

Rother have let the famous cobble streets of Rye fall into an abysmal state of repair and the Landgate is in such need of restoration due to their negligence over the years that it will soon be in a state of collapse. Continue reading Time has Come to Protect Rye from Rother

No Change

Jim Hollands   21 June 2015

IN the March 2010 issue of “Rye’s Own” the following pieces commented once again on the fact that Rye Town Council has less power than a village council – Governments Change, Councillors Change but it seems that Rye Town Councillors, whoever they might be, cannot see there is a way to get real decision making back to Rye Town Hall. Continue reading No Change

Roger Breeds

Roger Breeds

by Jim Hollands


It is with great sadness I report the news that Roger Breeds, former Mayor of Rye, has died.

Roger was a supporter of “Rye’s Own”. He regarded himself as a Ryer and so he was, for he is a direct line descendant of another Breeds who was Mayor of Rye in 1560 and 1569 also Member of Parliament for Rye from 1563 to 1572 in the days Continue reading Roger Breeds

Mayor’s Report 2015


Rye Town Meeting – Mayor’s Overview of 2014-15

Perhaps the Council’s most popular decision over the past 12 months was the appointment of a town steward for the Parish. In response to numerous complaints over the last few years, Nicky Ledger was appointed in January to help improve the appearance of the Parish and make Rye a more attractive place in which to live, work, study and visit. Continue reading Mayor’s Report 2015

Bernard’s Problem Page



Bernard Clark will comment on any problem you may have – and certainly make it sound worse Send problems, moans, criticisms or comments to jim- @ryesown.co.uk and they will be forwarded to Bernard for his judgement. and advice Continue reading Bernard’s Problem Page

Jimper’s Jottings September 2014


A good summer, very dry, following the wet winter. What are the odds on a dry winter this time? If this happens we could be in trouble. Water shortage and a hose-pipe ban I bet. All that water last winter and no one thought to save a few million gallons. Get it out to sea fast, that was the order of the day. Nothing wrong with that if there are provisions made to save some of it but we haven’t have we? Same old reservoirs, no new ones. How many houses have been built since last winter and the government say we need many thousands more. Has anyone Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings September 2014

Update from Tilling green Community

Congratulations to Rye Pre-School Playgroup, who have opened up a Nursery at Tilling Green Community Centre. It is open to children aged from 3 months – 2 years and opens from 8am-6pm over, 50 weeks of the year. They have an outside play area, with soft area for the younger children. Continue reading Update from Tilling green Community

All Our Yesterdays


Who were the driving forces in the town fifty years ago? Who were in power at Rye Town Hall in the 1960’s? What was it like to live in a democratic Rye that ran its own affairs and was responsible for its own planning?1965 and 66 were great years for Rye. Continue reading All Our Yesterdays