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Bernard Clark will comment on any problem you may have – and certainly make it sound worse Send problems, moans, criticisms or comments to jim- and they will be forwarded to Bernard for his judgement. and advice

Dear Editor,

I think what your excellent magazine needs is a problem page for people like me who are needing help. If you think this is a good idea. I would like to be the first problem to be published.

My problem is this, my wife a year ago bought me an Ipad to stop me moaning on and on about the state of Rye, Rother District Council and politicians ect. she thought it would keep me quiet,and while I was trying to come to terms with this new technology it did keep me very quiet, she was amazed at how it had stopped the moaning indoors, she called me Victor Meldrew 2.

She has now found out that the reason it’s so quiet indoors is because I am moaning to the world through my IPad, and does not like it at all!! She has threatened to confiscate my IPad if I don’t stop posting my moans!! What would you do? Surely it must be against my basic human rights. Help.

Victor Meldrew 2 (Bernard Clark)

.                          Bernard Reports :-


Here is an update on the future of St. Anthony’s. After a meeting there yesterday. It seems, after a lot of opposition to its closure, the parish is going to try and keep going. It means that there will only be one service on a Sunday, but that is far better than closing altogether, so in the short term, it looks promising, but for the long term only time will tell.


What is negativity? Is it to stand back and let them do what they like with Rye? People who have always lived in Rye, and have seen how it used to be, are now being criticised for trying to stop it becoming any worse, people like me are not questioning how beautiful the Citadel is, it’s the future and the rest of Rye that worries us, if us moaners weren’t here, Rother planners would have a field day.


“We have to remember this beautiful town is ours, we live it, we work it, but most of all do we promote it enough? Don’t let the the politics mar your judgement this has been going on for years, but only you can make a change ! You and you alone are the ones that vote these people in at Rother to look after our beautiful town. So Stop, Think, and be sure what they promise is going to effect this town rather than benefit Bexhill”

“Rye’s Own” March 2015

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