Explosion at Dungeness

A Note from the Editor

I have been editing this magazine since 1965 and during that time have come across many exciting, interesting and talented people. The work of Albert Stribbling, an amazing man from Ashford, has never been published, I cannot think why. The following is a section from his unfinished book, these are all the words he has sent us and they are all included here for you to enjoy as I did.

Albert is racing to complete his book, we shall print anything from it he cares to send us, when you read the following chapters you will understand why I can say that without seeing them.

He is a descriptive writer who records modern social history and events with his pen. It is a fitting story to include in this very special issue of “Cinque Ports” Continue reading Explosion at Dungeness

Hands Across the Sea at Hythe


Excitement is growing for the “Hands across the Sea” International Weekend organised by the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts’ Club. It is happening at Westenhanger, Folkestone Racecourse, Nr Hythe which is a huge site of some 220 acres, so there is plenty of room to enjoy yourself and the spectacular displays of cars that will Continue reading Hands Across the Sea at Hythe

Dreams Can Come True at The War & Peace Revival



As a lot of those who keep track with our ‘Facebook’ page will know, I had a whale of a time at this years ‘War & Peace Revival’. Visiting what used to be Folkestone Racecourse and seeing the old place choc full of tents, tanks, military personnel and classic cars was rather a bitter sweet experience for me. Continue reading Dreams Can Come True at The War & Peace Revival

1940’s Weekend at RHDR

“Clover Sisters” are Big Hit at 1940’s Weekend

Passengers arriving at New Romney Station on 14 & 15 May were transported back to the 1940’s. There was an American services party going on
with war period dancing and singing performed by the USO Lindy Hoppers and the amazing Clover Sisters. Platform One was being used as a dance hall and there were American uniforms everywhere.  Continue reading 1940’s Weekend at RHDR

The Garage at Sellindge

Bob Fisher’s Garage

The Garage on the hill at the northern end of Sellindge was one of the very first in Kent to sell petrol. This was around 1903. Previous to that time the establishment had operated as agricultural engineers, producing and repairing farm machinery. The owners were excellent wheelwrights, a trade which stood the establishment in good stead when motor vehicles began using the roads of Kent. Continue reading The Garage at Sellindge

Clifton Memories

By Sally Duffy

My dad, Aubrey Leadbetter has been regaling “Rye’s Own” for a few years now with stories of his life in Rye. I always buy “Rye’s Own” to read what he’s written and your other regular writers, Jimper and Arthur, but reading your July issue, something caught my eye ‘The Dick Bryant Comunique’. I wasn’t just reading about somebody else’s past, it was part of my past too. Continue reading Clifton Memories

Royal Military Canal by Canoe

 The Epic Journey

By Jimper Sutton

I was only sixteen but bent on making my own history. My mate Chris had seen a documentary on the telly the night before of a couple that had travelled down the Amazon in a life raft. Continue reading Royal Military Canal by Canoe