Brenzett Aero Museum and Land Army Reunion



One of the endearing memories of WWll is Tommy Handley and his radio programme ITMA – It’s That Man Again – and now we have ITEA. It’s That Event Again, the Brenzett Aero Museum August show! And what a great show too! Continue reading Brenzett Aero Museum and Land Army Reunion

Brenzett Aero Museum

Two aircraft stand motionless in the corner of a field near Brenzett round-a-bout. All who pass that way cannot have failed to have seen them. What message have these two relics of a past era got for the young people of today’s modern World? Continue reading Brenzett Aero Museum

Aerial Warfare Over Rye During World War Two

Aerial Warfare Over Rye and Environs During World War II

By Barry Floyd

My sister and I were evacuees from London at the outbreak of the war, on 3 September 1939, and were accepted as pupils at Rye Grammar School by the Headmaster, Mr. Jacobs. That first hard winter – – there were very heavy snow falls in January 1940 and East Kent buses were unable to reach Winchelsea Beach for many days – – was a phoney one so far as military activities over East Sussex and Kent were concerned. The situation changed dramatically by the summer, with the fall of France and a threatened German invasion of England. Continue reading Aerial Warfare Over Rye During World War Two

D-Day White’s Tip and Run Propeller

A picture taken on Friday 9 May 2008 of the wartime propeller (possibly
from a Junkers 88 bomber) dredged up up a while ago by fisherman ‘Podgy’

It was acquired by Old Towner “D-Day White” to be displayed in the open space at the end of Courthouse Street in the Old Town. From the left, ‘Tush’ Hamilton, assists Robert Morgan (who provided the transport)
and ‘D-Day’. A real combined effort from well known Old Town supporters. Continue reading D-Day White’s Tip and Run Propeller

Caught In The Mint

          In the times when Policemen patrolled the Town

From Jimper’s Romantic Diaries

The Street in Rye called The Mint is narrow, twisting downhill and one-way traffic only. It was the quick way for me to visit my girlfriend up in Church Square. The shortest route to her home was by way of Mermaid Street but as this is also steep and paved in large cobblestones, did not appeal to me on my old drop handlebar push-bike. Continue reading Caught In The Mint

Sea Tiger

Only One In The World

The Tiger Moth float plane, pictured here and on the front cover is the only one of its type in the world.

The machine, known affectionately as the ‘Sea Tiger’ is also believed to be the only two winged float plane in existence and is one of only two seaplanes airworthy in the British Isles. Continue reading Sea Tiger

I Join the Ten Ton Club

By Sgt. Noel Thompson.

Air Training Corps. Rye. 2274 Squadron (Thomas Peacocke School)

The 1,000 Miles Per Hour Club, commonly known as the Ten Ton Club, was formed at the Lightning Conversion Squadron, R.A.F. Coltishall in March. 1962. To qualify, the rule is that the member must be at the controls of the aircraft whilst flying at or faster than 1,000 m.p.h. (Mach 1.5 at 36,000 feet) included among the members are The Shah of Persia and King Hussain of Jordan Continue reading I Join the Ten Ton Club