D-Day White’s Tip and Run Propeller

A picture taken on Friday 9 May 2008 of the wartime propeller (possibly
from a Junkers 88 bomber) dredged up up a while ago by fisherman ‘Podgy’

It was acquired by Old Towner “D-Day White” to be displayed in the open space at the end of Courthouse Street in the Old Town. From the left, ‘Tush’ Hamilton, assists Robert Morgan (who provided the transport)
and ‘D-Day’. A real combined effort from well known Old Town supporters.


The Junkers Ju 88 was a highly versatile plane that saw service throughout
World War Two. It was, with the Messershmitt 110, the aircraft that
was used in the many ‘tip and run’ raids on Hastings that were carried
out on a regular basis. During the Battle of Britain, the Ju 88 was
vulnerable to the much faster Spitfires and Hurricanes of Fighter

Junkers JU 88 'tip and run' bomber
Junkers JU 88 ‘tip and run’ bomber

The Junkers 88 could carry 4,400 lbs of bombs (2000 kg) and if it got
through to its target, it could do a great deal of damage.

The planes entered service with the Luftwaffe in September 1939

They remained in production right through to 1945.

“Hastings Town” June 2008

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