When Cinque Ports Street was Two-Way

Broken Down Lorry Causes Traffic Chaos

A broken down lorry, when Cinque Ports Street was 2-way, causes havoc in Rye one Saturday morning. This film was made around 1963

A 1963  Rye’s Own Archive Film released Monday 6 June 2016

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Living On The Marsh

By Jimper


Living as I did, and still do on the marsh, one could not go further than two hundred yards without coming into contact with it. Water was all around one; the sea to the south and the River Brede to the north being the two largest obstacles to keep we kids in our area. The whole marsh is fence-less with only the odd gatepost to hinder your view to the hills of the west. The east had massive shingle banks that have in the last forty years been extracted to leave large lakes further east. The River Rother flows to the sea via Rye where my River Brede joins to swell its flow. Continue reading Living On The Marsh

Rye’s Own April 1966 – Free Electronic Copy

Available free to Anyone Who Reads the Magazine or Rye’s Own News on Facebook. Sent direct to your computer. No strings.

50 Years ago “Rye’s Own” was a fast selling local publication that captured the hearts of many Ryer’s – Some of our original readers from those far off times still enjoy their monthly fix in today’s, vastly changed world. Continue reading Rye’s Own April 1966 – Free Electronic Copy

Ray Levett making up for 45 lost years!

This interesting story and picture first appeared in one of our first issues of “Hastings Town”. We have not been able to get in touch with Ray up to the time of printing but hope he and his good lady are fit and well and have a great Christmas. (Editor)

By Ray Levett

I wondered if you might be interested in a story associated with the attached picture. I was born in Hastings in 1943 and spent my first 18 years living in Coventry Road, Hollington. Continue reading Ray Levett making up for 45 lost years!

When The World Was Younger

”Street Cred’ was not measured by the latest ‘smart phone’ but who could get the largest inflated ‘inner tube’ …. Paul Vincent This publication has always been known for its high ‘nostalgia’ content. Why do our readers enjoy these articles, pictures and memories from the past? Continue reading When The World Was Younger

Rye Bay West Keddle Nets

            Part One


The Kettle, Kiddle or Keddle net as it is known around the Rye Bay area, is a very large trap type of net used around the coasts of Britain up to the end of the last century. It was used in many places where the tide went out and left enough sand or mud to work one. Five were still going in Wales up to the last war as also some were in the Thames Estuary, although they were very small affairs for the flat fish compared to the ones in Rye Bay, where they were often huge. They used large nets in Rye Bay for catching Mackerel or Herring that swam in great shoals. Continue reading Rye Bay West Keddle Nets

The Great Sacrifice of a Rye Family

November is the month we remember those that fell in two World Wars and other Wars and Conflicts

The Great Sacrifice of a Rye Family

By Roland Jempson

In the June 2003 edition of Rye’s Own. There was an article entitled “The Tiltman’s of Rye”, about the sacrifice of nine members of the “Tiltman” family, by Jo’ Kirkham, also a Further article by Eric Streeton about a Memorial Plaque for Walter Thomas Tiltman. All this prompted me to find out more about my families relations that I had vaguely heard of in my childhood. Continue reading The Great Sacrifice of a Rye Family