Herman Takes the Bite

By Maggie George

It was all Herman’s fault really. I’d been enjoying a lovely slice of my latest Herman-the-German Friendship cake which I had flavoured this time with almonds when suddenly, I bit down hard and crack, a molar broke. Actually to be more precise a filling in the molar broke because, in common with a fair few people of my age, I have a generous smattering of amalgam in amongst my not-so-pearly-whites. The pain was excruciating, it felt as if red-hot pokers were being inserted into my jawbone. Tears of self-pity filled my eyes as I reached for the phone to ring the dental surgery. Continue reading Herman Takes the Bite

Kent Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance

Night Flying Project A Report by Adian Bell, CEO 30 November 2012

The Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance is about to replace its oldest helicopter with a more modern MD902 Explorer helicopter which is capable of conducting night operations, with the intention of commencing a two year trial on the most effective way of delivering night Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) in the region. The helicopter will be fully capable of ad hoc landings by night as well as the more conventional pre-surveyed and helipad operations. Continue reading Kent Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance

A Wave Of Talent

 Rye Harbour crewman wins award in RNLI Pentax Photographer of the Year (2007) competition

. On the 3rd June 2007, whilst on service to the fishing vessel ‘Donald John’ – suffering from a sheared drive plate, crewman Anthony Peters took a photo of the ‘Donald John’ being towed back to harbour by Rye Harbour Lifeboat, B727. Continue reading A Wave Of Talent

The Floding Debate

Environment Will Ease The Way For Planning

“Rye’s Own” has learned that the Environment Agency is prepared to lift objections they had regarding flood worries over the building of 135 dwellings to the north of Udimore Road if suitable conditions can be imposed on any planning permission granted in relation to the site. Continue reading The Floding Debate

Pen & Ink

Dear Editor

My cousin Eve Brown sent me a December 2004 “Rye’s Own” and I was interested in the article on the efforts on raising money for Rye St. John Ambulance service. Good wishes to them. My father, Ron White, was a member at Rye for many years, he later became a full time member of the Ambulance Service. Continue reading Pen & Ink

Visibility,Accessibility And Familiarity

Rother Police District Commander, Chief Inspector Bruce Mathews, told a 150 strong meeting at Rye Community Centre that “visibility, accessibility and familiarity” are the new watchwords for the police. Continue reading Visibility,Accessibility And Familiarity