Flying High

The last 10 months have seen a number of advances within the newly established Sussex Air Ambulance.

The service which has responded to a staggering 450 calls from their base at Dunsfold Park since the launch of the service in June 2007.
It flies to medical emergencies around Sussex, with a specialist doctor and critical care paramedic and is the only Air Ambulance service outside of London to fly permanently with a doctor on board.Air

Last December saw the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service take delivery of their new helicopter, an MD902 Explorer, a sister aircraft for the one used by the charity in Kent. The Explorer replaced the older style Bolkow that the Air Ambulance had previously used. The helicopter flies at speeds of up to 150mph and can reach anywhere in Sussex within fifteen minutes. The specialist medical crew are able to resuscitate and carry out complicated medical procedures at the scene before transporting the patient to the most suitable hospital for their injuries.

Sussex Air Ambulance have also launched a new web site. The site is designed to make it easier for the charities many supporters and general public to obtain information about the life saving service and enable them to interact with the charity. The site has a number of new features including real life stories, an interactive map that allows viewers to work out the distance from the Air Ambulances bases to points in the South East, and a virtual tour of the helicopter

It costs £1.5 million to operate the service 365 days a year. The Sussex Air Ambulance is funded entirely by public donations and does not receive any financial support from the government or national lottery. If you would like to find out more about how you can support your Sussex Air Ambulance service visit the web site or ring 01622 833833.

“Hastings Town” May 2008

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