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                           Rye Church Clock

Dear Editor,

Just as a point of interest. You state in a recent article that St Marys clock would have cost around £250 in todays terms but you are way of the mark. The true figure works out at around £8000 an interesting site for these financial facts is Continue reading Pen & Ink

The Rye & Camber Tram

By Kenneth M Clark – (Rya)

The South Eastern Railway’s single line branch to Rye Harbour, which had been opened in 1854 was only utilised for goods traffic and, consequently, there existed no means of transport between Rye and Rye Harbour for fishermen and such other persons as made their living at the Harbour. It was only during 1894—the year in which the Rye Golf Club was founded—that a group of prominent local citizens decided to build a light railway which would not only link Rye with the Golf Club but enable fishermen to travel to the Harbour—crossing the Rother by means of a ferry. Continue reading The Rye & Camber Tram