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                           Rye Church Clock

Dear Editor,

Just as a point of interest. You state in a recent article that St Marys clock would have cost around £250 in todays terms but you are way of the mark. The true figure works out at around £8000 an interesting site for these financial facts is

The Clock Man

Our figuure came from the original article which was printed in 1912. Sorry to have misled you. Ed.

                               Carnival Queens

Dear Editor,


Recently I have made contact with an old friend of mine Sandra Mills [a well known figure in Rye] who introduced me to Rye’s Own when she came to spend a week with me in Oxfordshire in the Summer. ta patiWe had great fun reminiscing and looking at old photos and came across this one of me {I’m the small blond child, front left} on Bonfire Night on the Carnival Queens Float – I believe it was 1952 and wondered if any of your readers recognise themselves or others on the float.

Stephanie Tagg                                                        [nee Hedgler]

                                 From Rye, Australia

Dear Editor, I recently received a copy of November “Rye’s Own” sent to me by my brother, and found the articles very interesting, especially the one on page eleven, “Thanks Dad”.

Geoff’s father, William Goldfinch, is my younger brother.

I also worked at the Central Garage for a few years and remembered an item that was told to me when I returned to Rye after service with the army. A Bert Shepherd and his wife and son lived in the flat over the garage. Whilst his son, Robin, was digging at the back of the garage he unearthed a Jewel encrusted Dagger, which I was told went to the British Museum. Maybe it is on record somewhere in Rye.

When they start digging the foundations for the new library, maybe they have already, they might find other items of interest.

As I previously mentioned your article brought back memories of Rye. I now reside, would you believe, in Rye, Victoria, Australia, but this Rye does not have the same background orcharacter of Rye, Sussex. Many thanks.

Harry Goldfinch.                       Rye, Victoria, Australia

                                      Goodbye Frank

Dear Editor,

Many of your “Rye’s Own” readers will have seen the name and face of Frank “Pickles” Igglesden, especially in articles about the football teams of the 40’s and 50’s.

It was with great sadness that I heard of the passing of Frank, a very well known figure around Rye. A very keen cyclist, he could often be seen peddling through Rye and the surrounding area. He had also ridden for charity in the past. In fact, Frank was always willing to lend a hand to help fund raise for charity and also assisted the MS Society.

Frank was also a very keen gardener and in earlier years he could often be found working on his allotment along The Grove. After giving that up, he still raised some very good vegetable crops in his own back garden – happily sharing the fruits of his labours with his neighbours and friends.

My family and Frank’s became neighbours in the early 50’s and remained so for many years. Though I now live overseas I have kept in touch with Frank and will miss the contact I had with him.

Frank was an honest and kind man and a good friend, who wouldn’t hesitate to give a helping hand if it were needed. The sort of person Rye or any community could (and should) be proud to have amongst them.

Frank always kept fit with his cycling and gardening but, very sadly, succumbed to illness early in December at the age of 84. My thoughts are with his two sons (Eric and Roy) and their families, of whom Frank was so proud.

Many Rye people will have their own memories of Frank – as I do. He may be gone, but certainly won’t be forgotten.

Elaine (Newstead)                                                             Australia

“Rye’s Own” January 2004

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