Rye 1946

1945 saw the end of World War Two. VE Day (victory in Europe) and
VJ Day (victory in Japan) came and went. Rye, along with towns all
over the country, licked it’s wounds, mourned its dead and rejoiced
in the return of many servicemen who had been away from their home
for as long as six years. Continue reading Rye 1946

The Ringo Trophy

Rye Bowls “Ringo” Cup

Report & Pictures by Jo’ Vincent

On Sunday 20 June members of Rye Bowls Club took part in the Annual Ringo Cup competition which resulted in a win for Liz Bracey. Liz became the overall winner with the best “shot difference”, after a tight tussle with runner up Vic Woolveridge, Reg Niall was third. Continue reading The Ringo Trophy

Old Rye – New Faces

Humphrey Lestocq

by James Humphrey

Humphrey Lestocq of Radio, Television, Stage and Film fame, is now a popular business man with two flourishing shops in Rye. Yet he only came to Rye four years ago to recuperate from an illness. Continue reading Old Rye – New Faces