New Year’s Day Race Against The Clock

Dave Wheeler of Old Romney was the best placed of the local riders in the traditional New Year Ten Mile Time Trial, run by Southborough Wheelers on a course near Ashford.

Dave, former Rye Wheeler now racing for the sponsored PM Racing Team, took a fine fourth place in the keenly contested event. The winner was Dave Berry of Team Swift, former star of the San Fairy Ann Cycling Club from Maidstone. Connell Yates, brother of Sean Yates was second. Sean himself finished in twelfth spot.

Best placed local riders from a local club were Nick Wilson and Steve Gooch, of Rye & District Wheelers, finishing in fifth and seventh places. Rye were third in the team race behind sponsored teams PM Racing and In Gear.

Another former Rye wheeler, Bronwen Ewing, also racing with the PM team, was fastest lady, her team mate, Cassie McGoldrick was second with Ella Yates of In Gear third. Rye Wheelers’ Emma Cutler and Rebecca Wilson put in plus 20mph. rides for fourth and fifth places.

Monty Wilson took first place in the Junior event.

A second place for Rye came in the Juvenile competition with William Mueragh, the club’s Junior Clubman of the Year, finishing behind Theo Yates another member of the famous Sussex cycling family.

Best rider from the Hythe based Thornton Road Club was Don Houghton in 22nd. position. With Russ Mason and Eric Bates the Thornton took fifth place in the team event. Thornton’s flying Rachelle Pumphrey was sixth out of twenty in the Ladies section.

Best placed of the Tri Spirit Team from the Woodchurch area was Liz King, 55th. overall and seventh best placed lady rider. The team also took sixth place in the team event.

The only finisher from the Hastings & St Leonards Cycling Club was Tim Carpenter in 30th. place. Tim Miles and David Conner did not start as was the case with former Hastings star 80 year old Maurice Carpenter. Hastings can however draw some satisfaction that the winning lady rider, Bonwen Ewing lives at Ore.

                       NEW YEAR RACE RESULT
Top Twelve Finishers plus local riders times.

1 Steve Berry Team Swift   21:28
2 Conall Yates InGear RT   22:26
3 Tim Stevens 34th Nomads   23:07
4 David Wheeler PM Racing   23:11
5 Nick Wilson Rye Wheelers   23:12
6 Sam Bradford PM Racing   23:18
7 Steve Gooch Rye Wheelers    23:46
8 Ben Wimpery PM Racing    24:06
9 Keith Henderson Southborough Wh.    24:07
10 Jonathan Coulson PM Racing     24:30
11 Sean Yates InGear RT      24:38
12 Liam Yates InGear RT     24:41
14 Bronwen Ewing PM Racing     25:07
22 Don Houghton Thornton RC     25:57
25 Gary King Rye Wheelers      26:19
26 Mark Amon Rye Wheelers     26:27
30 Tim Carpenter Hastings & St Leonards     26:49
37 Andrew Croft Rye Wheelers      27:50
38 Monty Wilson Rye Wheelers       27:52
41 Rodney Harrow Rye Wheelers      28:14
46 Emma Cutler Rye Wheelers      29:19
47 Rebecca Wilson Rye Wheeler     29:21
48 Russ Mason Thornton RC              29:36
50 Mark Cutler Rye Wheelers                29:51
55 Liz King TriSpirit Team                 31:02
58 Eric Bates Thornton RC                 32:07
59 Rachelle Pumphrey Thornton RC             32:08
60 Amber King Rye Wheelers             32:44
63 Brenda Davies TriSpirit Team            34:51
64 Alyson Nye TriSpirit Team            35:04
65 Julie Bryant Rye Wheelers                 35:12
66 Lisa Nightingale TriSpirit Team       36:08
67 William Mueragh Rye Wheelers          37:41
68 Ali Steed TriSpirit Team              39.26
Paul Simpson Rye Wheelers            DNS
Maurice Carpenter VTTA Surrey/Sussex            DNS
Claire Reed Rye Wheelers                   DNS
Tim Miles Hastings & St Leonards             DNS
David Connor Hastings & St Leonards                DNS
Nigel Fox Rye Wheelers                 DNS

“Rye’s Own” February 2013

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