To The Trenches Via Rye

A Rough Diary of my Soldier Life

By Pte. George Linney

The war broke out as you know in August 1914 but I did not join up before February 1916, as I thought it was my duty to stop at home and help keep things going because my father was incapable of work. Moreover, my mind was quite made up when I heard that two of my brothers had joined the colours. Continue reading To The Trenches Via Rye

News From The TPPC

Peer Support Scheme

A rather exciting development in September at Thomas Peacocke Community College was the introduction of our Peer Support Scheme. At the beginning of the term, some senior students were selected to provide a whole school listening service. These senior students are receiving on going training in listening, counselling and mediation skills and will gain the Duke of Edinburgh Silver sectional certificates in Community Service and Skills for their efforts at the end of the year. Continue reading News From The TPPC

Wheelers Open Letter to Tony Blair

The Wheelers Letter to Mr. Blair

Dear Prime Minister

Members of the Rye & District Wheelers have decided that you should be informed of a terrible act of neglect by local government here in Rye.

A lad was knocked off his bike and killed in a most horrible way on a notorious 2 mile stretch of road that leads from Rye to the village of Rye Harbour, he was just 22 years old. Continue reading Wheelers Open Letter to Tony Blair


A Matter of Priorities

What would the average man in the street think was the greater death risk, visiting Rye Cemetery or riding a cycle along the Rye Harbour Road?

Every single person I asked thought it was a stupid question, without exception they said riding to Rye Harbour. Continue reading Editorial