Unisured & Untaxed Drivers Being Dealt With

Uninsured and untaxed cars caught in Rother

Police 2

Hastings and Rother Neighbourhood Policing Teams were out and about last week looking at uninsured and untaxed cars, as well as those with no MOTs.

The days of action resulted in eight vehicles being dealt with for no insurance, two for no road tax and three were found with no MOT.

The drivers were either dealt with by tickets or summons reports to attend court.

PC Lloyd Archer said: “It’s really important that you make sure you’re vehicle is legally roadworthy. We will take positive action against anyone using vehicles which place other road users at risk.

“Uninsured vehicles will be removed from the road and we will deal with the drivers for motoring offences. All motorists have the responsibility to ensure they are using our roads both safely and legally”.

Rye’s Own Bulletin  Thursday 2 March 2017