Thanks Dad

Geoff Goldfinch, a third generation Ryer and local builder is not laying bricks this month. He is recovering along with his daughter Carla to whom he has donated one of his kidneys.

Geoff Goldfinch
Geoff Goldfinch

The joint operation took place at St. George’s Hospital, London on Friday 10 October and as this page goes to print reports are that they are both doing well and the prognosis for Carla seems good. This is a major operation and even with a compatible kidney from such a close relative the risk of rejection still exists. But with this young ladies well known determination and grit her chances of a satisfactory recovery are high.

Eighteen year old Carla has suffered with kidney disease from early childhood and her condition slowly deteriorated. She was able to complete her education at the Thomas Peacocke and then entered Brinsbury College, Pullborough, where her studies were continually interrupted due to the medical problems her kidney ailment caused. In addition to the problems caused with her education Carla, who has always loved horses was forced to give up riding and loan her own horse out to a friend. Eventually her activities were compromised to such an extent that dialysis has been necessary over the past year and a half. Dad came to the rescue. When his kidneys were found to be a good match he willingly offered one of his to help his daughter.

Geoff Goldfinch was born in Rye and attended Tilling Green and Thomas Peacocke Schools. He took a course in building at Hastings College before starting his own business in Rye. He was a ‘one man band’ for several years before his reputation brought him in more work than he could handle himself and he had to take on help. His business is renowned in Rye for quality workmanship.

Carla’s grandfather is Hastings College, another born and bred Ryer. He will be remembered by many for the years he worked at the Central Garage (Recently demolished).

After an early setback Carla has made great progress and was discharged from St. George’s on 25 October at the same time as her dad.

Her burning desire is to become a vetinary nurse. Carla wants to return to Brinsbury College after Christmas to pursue her career.

“Rye’s Own” wishes this courageous pair a happy and healthy future.

From “Rye’s Own” November 2003 Issue

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