Jimper’s Jottings

 By Jimpers Jottings.

Let the wind blow and the rain fall, we desperately need it. January was one of the warmest on record and very dry to boot. Most of the moisture in that month fell as snow and that evaporated rather than thawed. The absence of wind reinforces the fact that is staring us in the face, this Earth, the globe we all call home, is heating up. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings

Peter Mitchell

Rye Personality of the Twentieth Century

Peter Mitchell _ Was at the Battle of Jutland and the Sinking of the Bismark
Peter Mitchell _ Was at the Battle of Jutland and the Sinking of the Bismark

Percy Lawrence Mitchell – Seaman & Youth Leader

Percy Lawrence Mitchell, known universally in Rye by the young people of the fifties and sixties as Peter Mitchell was another outstanding Rye character who left his mark on this town. Continue reading Peter Mitchell

Frederica Tops the Poll


Twenty-three-year-old Frederica Barwood was voted “Rye’s Girl of the Year” by readers and becomes “Miss Rye’s Own 1969”. Continue reading Frederica Tops the Poll

Down Rye Way Jim Foster

Down Rye Way - Jim Foster

Cyclist & Printer

One of Rye’s best known personalities and a man whose ideas have influenced the town’s ways of life is Mr. Jim Foster of Udimore Road. Continue reading Down Rye Way Jim Foster

Pen & Ink April 1966

Dear Sir,

I was a little surprised to hear that at some date in the foreseeable future Rye’s existing system of secondary education, namely the Grammar and Modern schools are to be replaced by a comprehensive school, which, if nothing else, is going to involve a great deal of expenditure. Brigadier H. P. Gardham told the audience on 7th January that this was not a “political issue”, but an attempt to create the finest educational system for the area, adding that “we must do what is best for the children”. One is therefore entitled to ask what benefits are to be Continue reading Pen & Ink April 1966