Avro Vulcan’s Final Flight – Sunday 11 October

Last Chance to See this Iconic Aircraft.

by Jim Hollands.

I first came into close contact with a Vulcan Bomber when I was doing my National Service at RAF Andover in 1958. It did a low fly past over the airfield where a special afternoon was arranged to celebrate Battle of Britain Day. I remember being impressed by it’s power as the pilot turned up the throttles and powered it into an almost vertical climb. The noise was unbelievable.

I did not see that manoeuvre again until 55 years later when  Vulcan bomber, XH558, the last remaining aircraft of its type still flying, came to Rye and did an amazing display cumulating in that same power climb into the sky over Leasam that I had witness all those years before at Andover. Continue reading Avro Vulcan’s Final Flight – Sunday 11 October

Wharehouses At The Strand

From a water colour by Austin Bloomfield

The warehouses at The Strand still stand today. They are a reminder of Rye’s maritime past when many ships used to dock in The Strand and unload their cargos of grain, timber, basic slag, coal etc. into these and other warehouses and yards dotted around the area. Continue reading Wharehouses At The Strand