Cliff Fall At Rock-A-Nore

By Tony May

Living in Hastings has been quite an experience of late. With seemingly continuous rain and high winds battering the town day and night (causing trees to come down and green bins to topple over and spill their contents about the place) and dangerously high tides smashing into the coastline life in the town has felt more like a trip out in the R.N.L.I. boat in treacherous seas than that of a seaside retreat in winter. Continue reading Cliff Fall At Rock-A-Nore

Suffering As Ship Remeins Under Arrest

A vessel that arrived at Rye Wharf in early January from a Cornish quarry with a cargo of road-stone found itself arrested by the Admiralty Marshall leaving the crew destitute. The M.V. Continue reading Suffering As Ship Remeins Under Arrest