Can We Have Our Bomb Back

Please can we have our bomb back?


Rye’s bomb has been stolen — and not just the bomb and up to perhaps £50 in cash inside, but the trolley, padlock and chain, screwed very firmly to the wall outside the F.E Centre, which is what really mystifies its keeper, Keith Boreham. The bomb was part of a batch which fell in and around the Old Brickyard one Sunday morning in August 1940. It failed to explode, and Tom Upton, who was assisting the Bomb Disposal Squad, asked if he could have it as a souvenir — “they reluctantly agreed”, his account says — and in due course he chiselled and then Continue reading Can We Have Our Bomb Back

Down Rye Way – Tom Upton

Down Rye Way

Tom Upton

On many hot summer evenings Special Police Sergeant Tom Upton does traffic duty in Rye keeping the flow of traffic passing smoothly through the town from the seaside beaches of Camber and Winchelsea Beach. To see Tom Upton in action, competently marshalling the hundreds of cars, its difficult to believe that this upright, fit looking man is over 70. Continue reading Down Rye Way – Tom Upton