Bernard’s Problem Page – March 2016

What’s the Point?

Is it worth the police arresting people who commit crime? I ask this
because in the local paper there is a page of local crimes taken to
court. I wonder if the cost of police work in arresting these criminals
is worth the time, money and effort.

Some of the sentencing is a joke, compensation for damage and injuries
caused by these people are sometimes way below the damage and injuries
they have caused, and in many cases, the use of suspended sentences Continue reading Bernard’s Problem Page – March 2016

EU – You Decide

The forthcoming vote to remain in, or leave, the European Union is the most important decision most of us will have to make in our lifetime.

Do not be swayed by personalities, politicians or fanatics on either side. YOUR VOTE is just as important as that of David Cameron, Boris Johnson,  Tony Blair,  Nigel Farage, Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon, Tim Farron, or your favourite pop star. Each vote is EQUAL in power, it counts as one stay in or one leave.

Don’t be fooled by passion, or anyone with a vested interest, look at the FACTS. “Rye’s Own” will present the facts as we understand them and publish the source Continue reading EU – You Decide