Bernard’s Problem Page – March 2016

What’s the Point?

Is it worth the police arresting people who commit crime? I ask this
because in the local paper there is a page of local crimes taken to
court. I wonder if the cost of police work in arresting these criminals
is worth the time, money and effort.

Some of the sentencing is a joke, compensation for damage and injuries
caused by these people are sometimes way below the damage and injuries
they have caused, and in many cases, the use of suspended sentences
make the whole process pointless and expensive and it’s us, the law
abiding citizens,who have to watch crime getting out of hand. if we
do not make the punishment fit the crime we will see criminals laughing
all the way to the courts! If they are not already.

Little Hope on the Horizon?

I know that I and many others have commented on the Landgate arch,
since RDC announced that they wanted this off their hands,and were
trying to off-load the cost of the repair and upkeep of a building
onto others willing to spend money to preserve it. I for one hope
they are successful, but I can’t see any hope on the horizon, after
all it’s been left to go into ruin, far to long, as I have said before,
if they had spent a little more each year on its upkeep, it might
have been far more easier to off-load. RDC like all councils are having
to cut back on what they can afford to spend, and I’m afraid conservation
is well down the list of priorities, and we must all expect things
to get worse, for towns like Rye, in short its no good looking back
to the past, us older Ryers remember how the town used to be, but
I’m afraid, will never be again.

Bernard Clark Racing Cyclist
Bernard Clark Racing Cyclist

Smug and Over Confident

I don’t know what it is with MPs,especially with the Tories. To me
they have no way to communicate without appearing posh, privileged
and out of touch with the problems, that normal people of this land
have. I’m talking on this occasion of one Mr.Hunt. Here is an MP who
comes from a family who could afford the very best education money
can buy, the only trouble is the education doesn’t include public

In his handling of the NHS doctors strike, he comes across, smug and
confident of smashing the doctors strike, and with it the whole future
of the NHS. I can’t help feeling when I watch him being interviewed,
that nothing would please him more, if he could carry this out. As
many people realise, he is over confident that what he says goes.
I think and hope that on this occasion, he has underestimated the
will of normal people to fight and hold on to what we have, the best
doctors and nurses in our NHS.

A Watered Down Bag of Nothing

If the British people believe David Cameron has worked a miracle with
our E U partners, on what he has managed to negotiate,and beg from
them, then it’s not true that you can’t fool all the people all the
time. He has let all of us down,with his backtracking and watered
down bag of nothing! They have given him peanuts, in the hope we will
still pay out Millions of pounds a year to stay in, because if we
vote to leave, it’s going to make a big hole in the EU budget. This
of course means each country will have to pay more. This referendum
is a one off, we will not get another chance like this again, so for
our sake and our children’s, children’s fate, let’s hope we can win
our country back again.

Bernard The Film Star
Bernard The Film Star

Will Rye Library be Closed?

With the news that most local library’s opening hours are to be cut
by 25% everyone should be aware that this could be the first step
in closing them down altogether. One also wonders what will come next
in this governments relentless move to destroy everything that we
in this country hold dear. Don’t think, because you may not use the
library that it will end here, because everything that is useful to
us, but costs money to run is in very big danger of also disappearing
in the very near future.

To me the way the NHS has ended up in, is the way the Tories want
us to go, back to Victorian times,with our cap in hand to beg the
rich members of society to pay us a living wage, we already have food
banks, perhaps the next step is soup kitchens! I ask what will be
left of Britain for future generations, not much if it cost anything
to run, but they can still spend millions of our money to pay other
countries to establish what is being ruined here.

“Rye’s Own” March 2016

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