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The forthcoming vote to remain in, or leave, the European Union is the most important decision most of us will have to make in our lifetime.

Do not be swayed by personalities, politicians or fanatics on either side. YOUR VOTE is just as important as that of David Cameron, Boris Johnson,  Tony Blair,  Nigel Farage, Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon, Tim Farron, or your favourite pop star. Each vote is EQUAL in power, it counts as one stay in or one leave.

Don’t be fooled by passion, or anyone with a vested interest, look at the FACTS. “Rye’s Own” will present the facts as we understand them and publish the source

Dan Bevan with Michael Foster M.P. on the step of no. 10 Downing Street
10 Downing Street

of the information for you to interoperate for yourselves. Ask yourself two questions – What will be better for me and my family and what will be best for this area and the UK.

As the weeks go by we will put forward sets of facts on  different aspects of the in or out decision we all need to take. Today we look at the cost to the national purse to remain in membership of the EU. This chart can be enlarged.


These are Government figures for past years and forecast for the years up to 2020 IN BILLIONS.  They show the deficit (loss) each year from our contributions to and receipts from, the EU.

In 2014 (That’s the year of the last ACTUAL figure) We paid in a total of £9,800,000,000 (9.8 Billion) MORE than we got back from the EU. That amounts to £26.8 Million per day. There are figures higher than this being put out which were no doubt extrapolated from the forecast figure for 2016 (11.1 Billion) but we have stuck to the latest  ACTUAL FIGURE so it was costing Britain £26,800,000 per day to be part of the EU.

We also believe that the EU has a large say on what the Public Sector Receipts repaid to Britain are used for -Not Our Parliament.

Whichever way you decide be sure to vote on 23 June – Remember your Vote is worth exactly the same as everyone else’s vote – however important they are.

“Rye’s Own” Bulletin 22 February 2016

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