Else Kuhlke At Rye 1933

“Timber boats” as they were known locally, were a common sight at The Strand in the years between the Wars. By 1934 Hitler had sole charge of Germany and a programme of re-armament began. This effort required vast amounts of raw materials and soon the German coasters that brought in the timber were re-loaded with scrap metal from the Gasson’s scrap pile close to Brede Sluice. Continue reading Else Kuhlke At Rye 1933

New Flag Staff at Rye Harbour

New Flagstaff Dedicated at Rye Harbour

Saturday, 6th October, saw the climax of two year’s hard work by craftsmen of Rye Harbour Village, using traditional tools, under the leadership of Mr. Alec Coleman, when Rural Dean, the Rev. J. E.  R. Williams, Vicar of Rye Harbour, Continue reading New Flag Staff at Rye Harbour