Proposed Cycle Path Rye Harbour Road

By Brian Mathews

On August 12th my son Graham aged 22 was hit by a car in broad daylight on the Rye Harbour Road and died as a result at the scene.

There have been many deaths on this road and the County Council have promised many times over the past 40 years that they would create a footpath come cycle path but as is usual nothing was done!

IF something had been done my son would still be alive.

On Monday 24th January 2005 there was a meeting with Peter Jones, Leader East Sussex County Council, Jim Hollands, Rye Wheelers, Christopher Strangeways, Environment and Gary Cooper who was cycling with my son at the time he was killed and witnessed the whole thing.

The meeting was very cordial and constructive Jim Hollands reminded Peter Jones that there had been many deaths down this road and added that the council had failed to do anything about it!

Christopther Strangeways said that this cyclepath come footpath was now a matter of great urgency and added that it must be in place before the summer traffic starts. Councillor Jones in answer said that there is funding put aside for the road improvement scheme, and he has since this meeting been in the process of asking the relevant authority to release funding sufficient to construct cycle path come footpath along Rye Harbour Road.

I have already approached most of the businesses on the right hand side of the route and found them to be most helpful and encouraging. I thank them for their support and kindness. Also I would like to add that many hundreds of people have signed the petitions that were placed in Budgens and the Rye Harbour Stores. I and many others would like to thank Sarah at Budgens who encouraged many to become involved in signing the petitions so a big thanks all round.

Let us not forget that many children live in Rye Harbour and regularly walk or cycle to Rye, their lives are at great risk every time they negotiate this notoriously dangerous stretch of road.

Finally, if you regularly use the Rye Harbour Road, please give us your support by contacting Jim Hollands of Rye’s Own magazine, Marcus Whitaker of Rye Harbour Newsletter or Andy Hemsley of The Rye Observer.Also write directly to Peter Jones the Leader of East Sussex County Council, emphasise to him the importance of this project. I have it on the direct authority of  Michael Foster MP that Peter Jones has more influence than the Prime Minister himself in getting this cycle / footpath built.

My last comment is that I don’t want any other family to suffer what we as a family have suffered and of course his many, many friends.

Brian Mathews

March 2005 Issue of “Rye’s Own”

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