On The Waterfront

Opening of New Rye Harbour Lifeboat Station

by Tom Tallow

On the Waterfront

Proposed opening and presentation of Rye Harbour R.N.L.I.     Inshore rescue boat booked for Easter Monday afternoon. A “Good Do” well worth attending.

“Carrick Lass,” new Scottish type Trawler of 50’ L.O.A. now fishing out of Rye. Owner: D. Lamb, Skipper: M. Sharp, Crew: R. Smith.

Beltz Lov II, small beach boat of some 26 feet has joined Rye’s expanding Fishing Fleet.

Seawork of Rye at Rock Channel are now supplying Marine Diesel and Lubricants direct from their yard Fuelling Jetty.

A “Sea Wolf” seen prowling around Morval at Rye Harbour.

With fine weather and good tides fishing has been good and catches constant.

Which craft had so much fish in her net that she pulled her masts down?

Much activity on craft in river, acute shortage of scrapers, paint brushes, etc. being experienced.

A peculiar fish caught in River Tillingham at Ferry Road Bridge last month, some 5 feet long and rumoured to weigh 10 stone, was not officially weighed so angler cannot claim record.

Messrs. Phillips are nearing completion with their new Fishing Boat for Hastings.

Stone throwing by teenage visitors on the increase at Strand Quay. Another summer of Mud Splattered boats with smashed windows will no doubt be experienced by all, regrettably.

Wildfire changed hands and now being fitted out for Channel Diving work.

From the April 1966 Issue of “Rye’s Own”

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