Garden Hopping Burglar Jailed

Justice Done

Brint Rigg
Brindt Rigg

A burglar who ran off through people’s gardens after being challenged by police officers has been jailed for burglary.

Brindt Rigg, 41, unemployed, of Salisbury Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, appeared at Hove Crown Court.

The jury heard how around lunchtime on January 6, Rigg, a known burglar, was spotted by police officers in Upper Park Road, St Leonards, carrying a bag and trying to hide his face. When they tried to speak to him, he ran off through a number of gardens hopping over fences as he did so. He was lost briefly, but found and arrested within half-an-hour.

It was discovered that he had broken into a house in Upper Park Road and stolen two bottles of wine, computer gaming equipment, Dr Dre speakers, an iPod, door keys, passports and ID cards.

On Tuesday (June 7) he was found guilty of burglary and sentenced to five years’ imprisonment.

“Rye’s Own” Bulletin Monday 13 June 2016