Versatile Mayor

OUR VERSATILE MAYOR What does the Mayor of Rye and Speaker of the Cinque Ports, Councillor Paul Osborne get up to on a Sunday morning? It is no secret that he likes to do a bit of cycling but few know of the sacrifices he makes to get back from a ride or a race in time to fulfil his public duties.


Mayor of Rye Paul Osborne
Mayor of Rye Paul Osborne

When he meets the Rye Wheelers for the Sunday morning Club Run he is asked what time must he be back? The other Sunday he had arranged a Croquet match at Ramsgate, one of the events he had set up as part Speakers year. (It is Rye’s turn to provide the Speaker for the Cinque Ports this year). Paul was to be picked up by 12.15, showered and dressed for the trip to Ramsgate. The Wheelers decided that a run to Hythe, stopping for breakfast and returning to Rye would see the Mayor safely returned with half an hour to spare. All went well till they started their ride back from Hythe and discovered the wind that had sped them to Hythe has strengthened and was blowing half a gale. It was touch and go but a bit red in the face from his exertions, he was returned to Rye by the strong men of the Wheelers in the nick of time. No results of his efforts at Ramsgate have yet been published!

From the October 2006 issue of “Rye’s Own”

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