Thomas Peacocke Pupils Getting Rye to Bloom

By Jim Hollands

Doubters have said that Rye will not be capable of winning the ‘Britain in Bloom Competition’ at the first attempt. Don’t let the pupils of the Thomas Peacocke hear them.

Aimie Pierce and Kaiylam Jackson give the thumbs up sign as they are pictured with schoolmates Martin Fletcher and Martin Sims, Alison Peck and Carol Price of B & Q along with Rye’s champion of champions Lorna Hall at the Hastings store where they were choosing plants and seeds for their gardening project with the help of a B & Q ‘Better Neighbour Grant’

The Thomas Peacocke Community College gardening group are right behind Rye in Blooms efforts to win the coveted “Britain in Bloom” title. They are planting ‘themed beds’ a scented area, an edible area and a seaside area which will be in prime condition in time for the judging.Everywhere in Rye untidy corners are being spruced up by a team of volunteers, gardens are being planted, hanging baskets are being prepared. Already the town is looking better but everyone’s help will be needed if Rye is to win. Each bit of litter that is picked up helps the cause. Each building project that is completed or tidied before the judging will help, every boarded up window that is unboarded and glazed makes a vast difference and every pot or basket of flowers that is put out is another step towards the goal.

‘Don’t be shy, work for Rye, should be the cry’. This town has always had a great reputation for united efforts and achieving the seemingly impossible. A few years ago the Bonfire Boys had their backs against the wall when a certain misguided policeman decided that Rye Fawkes was too dangerous and did all in his power to get the event cancelled. The town fought back and with the aid of Rye M.P. Michael Foster, got the event reinstated The Bonfire Society put on one of the best family shows in living memory, culminating with a massive bang when the head of an effigy of the ‘certain police officer’ was blown clean off!

To win “Britain in Bloom” will need the same spirit and determination. Everyone pulling together, helping each other and following the example set by the youngsters of the Thomas Peacocke Gardening Group.

Every club, group and society in the town can help, but do let Lorna Hall know what projects you plan to undertake. Each activity is recorded and becomes part of the presentation that helps to determine the result. It is not just the ‘blooms’ that are judged, the activities leading up to the judging and the general tidiness of the town play a vital part.

In the past the winning towns have all had massive backing from their respective District and County Councils. As Rye is the only town in the Rother District to have achieved a standard good enough to be selected for this years ‘Britain in Bloom’ it would be expected that the Rother District Council will back “The Jewel the Crown of 1066 Country” in every way possible for surely, a win for Rye will be a feather in their cap too and give a boost to tourism in the whole of the area. Whether they will help on the scale of other District Councils is a matter for conjecture but with or without their help Rye will make a 100% effort to win.

Lorna Hall and her small committee are working round the clock for Rye, they deserve your help. Please phone Lorna and offer any assistance in this great challenge on 01797 229808.

“Rye’s Own” May 2004

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