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Tenterden Cycling Club Disbands

The Tenderden Cycling Club, who have been great friends with the Wheelers, have sadly decided to disband.

8rodAdventures of the Rye & District Wheelers Past and Present

Eight of their regular racing members have joined the Rye & District Wheelers and this will mean the Rye Club will have a much stronger racing team and individual Championship events will be even harder fought.

The Tenderden Evening Ten Mile events have been transferred to Rye and the “Points” competition for this event will now include a ladies section.

Christmas Dinner at ‘Planters’

26 members of the club met at Planters Coffee Shop, Tenterden Garden Centre to enjoy a fine Turkey Christmas Dinner. More than half the contingent braved a bitter cold winter’s day on 17 December and rode to the event, some no doubt thinking of the first event of 2006 a 10 Mile Time Trial on Sunday 1 January when more than ten riders, including two ladies, will represent Rye & District Wheelers in the Southborough & District event centred on Bethersden.

6rod7rodAmong the members to ride the 17 mile route to ‘Planters’ was 10 year old Lucy Bryant. Young Lu’ is looking forward to the day in 2007 when she will become the youngest rider to compete in a road time trial for the club.

The Tuesday Runs

The Tuesday runs have retained their popularity, an average of eight riders have been out every week throughout December. They are of very moderate distance and speed, within the capability of anyone from ten to ninety-nine. An ideal way to lose weight, get fit and exercise without having to go on diets. Come along and join the fun. Just turn up at the Riverhaven Car Park in Winchelsea Road any Tuesday at 12.55. The run gets under way at 1pm. There is always a stop for a cuppa on the route. The speed is governed by that of the slowest rider and routes are decided at the start and based on the abilities of riders that turn up on the day.

If more strenuous exercise is required the Sunday run, leaving at 9am. sharp from the Riverhaven, will suit the more experienced cyclist. Again, new riders are always welcome, just turn up on the day or phone 01797 222420 for more details. The number of riders out varies depending on if there is a race or not on that Sunday.Remember what Mr. O’Dell used to say “Bike it “.

“Rye’s Own” January 2006

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