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The Mayor And Rye Cycling

Paul Osborne, the cycling Mayor of Rye, has made a tremendous contribution to the Rye & District Wheelers and cycling in Rye generally, during his two year term of office at the Town Hall.

No one who took part will forget the famous Cinque Ports ride. It was his pet project but when it was all arranged and he found out just how far it meant riding he had doubts as to whether it could be completed. Nothing seemed outside the capabilities of Rye members in 2007 and the ride was enjoyed by all, Paul especially. Well done Mr. Mayor.

It has brought a certain ‘kudos’ to each and every member of the Wheelers to drop in the words, “Meet the Mayor of Rye” when introducing him to members of other cycling clubs at races and functions around Sussex and Kent. He has become known in the Club as ‘The Mayor’ and even though his term is over on the 5 May that is the name he will probably go under in the Sussex & Kent cycling circles for ever and a day.


The long awaited cycle / footpath from Rye Harbour to Rye should be completed by the end of May. The Wheelers are proud of their efforts, along with so many others, to achieve this life saving route. The real credit must go to Brian Matthews, Graham’s Father, who was determined from the time of the tragic accident, that no more people would be killed either cycling or walking down this treacherous stretch of road without a pathway of any sort.

It was due to his instigation and constant pressure on the County Council that the path has been constructed fulfilling promises first made forty years ago. Brian organised a petition signed by every person in Rye Harbour and hundreds more from Rye, he forced County to a meeting that set the slow process in motion and despite many hold-ups continued to keep the operation in motion, calling in BBC Television on two occasions.Spoket2

When the finishing touches are complete he will cycle, supported by sixty members of the Rye & District Wheelers and as many riders and walkers from Rye Harbour and Rye and any officials from the County Council who wish to join in, on a journey to commemorate the completion of the route and in memory of Graham and the others who have been killed on this road over the years.

Brenda sets new RecordSpoket

Brenda Davies pictured during her record breaking ride in the KCA “25” on 13th.

The Sprocket Page Adventures of the Rye & District Wheelers.

Past and Present

Thornton “10” 5th. April

1. Dave Spice 27.04 2. Gary Booth 31.01 3. Jim Hollands 31.20 4. Sue Spice 34.04 5. Kevin Hall 34.52

Kent CA 25 – 13th April 1. Jeremy Temple 1.07.37 2. Chris Bramwell (T) 1.09.08 3. Dave Spice 1.09.36 4. Bob Burden 1.15.59 5. Gordon Sherwood 1.17.20 6. Jim Hollands 1.20.02 7. Brenda Davies 1.20.37 8. Alyson Nye 1.27.52 Steve Gooch D.N.S. Alex Balfour D.N.S.

A Keith Burden photograph

E.S.C.A. “25” 20-04-08 Jim Hollands 1-19-35

Sydenham Wheelers “25” Chris Branwell Trike 1-10-21 Spoket1

Racing Secretary Gary Booth faces starter for the first time this season

“Rye’s Own” May 2008

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