The Fight for Jeanne de Arc

Desperate Fight to Save the Jeanne de Arc

Rye Trawler Jeanne de Arc filled with water and turned on her side during the night of Sunday 15 January 1970.

Owner fisherman Mr. Stan Pepper, assisted by Rye Fire Brigade, boat owners and fishermen , raced against time to pump the vessel dry and right her before the next tide completely covered the boat.

Pumping in progress
Pumping in progress

Flood water coming down the river hampered operations, and water leaking into the Jeanne d’ Arc as fast as the pumps extracted it made the task very difficult. Three hours pumping with two pumps eventually gave enough buoyancy and the trawler righted herself with a joIt.

Water damage was extensive, the engine radio and echo sounding equipment. were waterlogged and several months work may have to be done before the boat can return to Sea.

The Fight to Save the Jeanne de Arc
The Fight to Save the Jeanne de Arc


 “Rye’s Own” February 1970































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