They Took Over the Town Hall

Fed Up with ‘Jobs for the Boys’, Corruption and Discrimination the men of Rye Elected their own Mayor and Councillors and Took Over The Town Hall

By 1825 the Lamb family had dominated politics in Rye for 100 years,
providing the Mayor 23 times out of the 25 since the turn of the century,
most of the jurats and freeman were either family or supporters. This
had been achieved by the ‘Freeman’ system introduced in the days when
Rye played an important and very active part in building, maintaining
and manning the Cinque Ports Fleet. There were about 40 Freemen of
Rye and only a Freeman had a vote.

To become enfranchised there were only two ways. By birth as the eldest
surviving son of a Freeman or by election, one citizen a year was
voted in as a Freemen by Jurats and Freemen on Mayoring Day. Continue reading They Took Over the Town Hall

The Opening of the Royal William Hotel

By Laurie A. Cooksey

On Wednesday, 31st October 1894, the new Royal William Hotel, situated opposite the recently built golf club house on the Camber road, was happily opened with and inaugural dinner. The hotel had been constructed on the site of what was affectionately known as “The Billy”, a wooden weatherboard shack which had been built around 1807 to provide liquid refreshment for the fishermen of Rye Harbour, but had been destroyed by fire in 1893. Continue reading The Opening of the Royal William Hotel