Glimpses of the Past

Glimpses of the Past The three photographs on this page were kindly loaned by Mike Whiteman of Peasmarsh who is the personality in this month’s “Down Rye Way” feature. The ship being launched from Hoad’s shipyard at Rock Channel is Continue reading Glimpses of the Past

Twentieth Century Rye

By Jim Hollands

The Edwardian Era

When Rye heralded in the 20th. century Frank Jarrett was the Mayor, as indeed he had been for the previous year and would be for 1901 but the man who was making the most impact at the time was surely the towns illustrious picture maker Mr. E. Whiteman. This great photographer produced hundreds of shots, covering nearly all the important local events of his period, leaving a permanent record in pictures of his day and time. Continue reading Twentieth Century Rye