Another Great Ryer Has Gone

Last remaining Alderman from Rye Borough Days

Peter Dee

It is with great sadness we report the death of Rye’s last remaining Aldermen from the Borough Council Days.

Peter Dee was as well known in Rye as the Landgate Tower. An ever present in theparade at the Mayoring Day event and a popular member of Rye’s community.  Continue reading Another Great Ryer Has Gone

The Fight To Save The Maanav Star

The coaster Maanav Star was washed ashore at Jury’s Gap a few hours after leaving Alsfords Wharf during Saturday / Sunday night 11/12 September. She was under new ownership having been purchased while at Rye unloading her cargo of timber. She came ashore before dawn, apparently without her engines running and was pounded by rough seas and sustained some damage to her hull. Continue reading The Fight To Save The Maanav Star