Retrospect 1967

1967 fades into 1968, this is the time of year when we look back over the past twelve months and reflect on the events that have taken place. What kind of year has it been for Rye in general. Continue reading Retrospect 1967

Jim Dale & Phil Silvers at Camber

The Desert on our Doorstep

At the beginning of May, Camber Sands was once again invaded by a film unit. The eighty-strong team came down from Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire to stay in Rye and the surrounding towns for three weeks, while making Peter Rogers’ latest comedy film  FOLLOW THAT CAMEL

The sand dunes, well known as a great beauty spot, have now become the Sahara Desert, complete with a fort, an oasis, a tribe of ferocious Arabs and here and there a Camel!

FOLLOW THAT CAMEL tells the story of a young English nobleman, played by Jim Dale, who, having committed a breach of social conduct, joins the French Foreign Legion. His life in the desert is arduous, adventurous and hilarious – hardly surprising when his comrades in arms are the familiar ‘Carry On’ gang, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Continue reading Jim Dale & Phil Silvers at Camber