The Days Before Health & Safety

Jimper Stories

DanceĀ on a Tractor

There were twelve of us in a group and together we met each night in the pub. There was little else to do in the week other than go to the new twist club that had started up on Wednesdays or to the local cinema once a week, and always on a Sunday when they showed a horror film or two. Saturday was the day we all longed to arrive. Half the gang did not have to work and the others stopped early, Continue reading The Days Before Health & Safety

Poor Old Dennis

By Country Boy

Poor old Maggots, being the smallest one of us, he always got the muddy end of the stick. Today we lay in wait for him to show up because he had accidently let the boat drift away down the river and we had to make a mile detour along the road to cross the bridge to get to the other bank where the wind had driven our Jolly Roger. Continue reading Poor Old Dennis