Protest March in Hythe

“Campaign against life-changing developments in Shepway”

The March around Hythe on Saturday 6 August 2016 was organized by the Otterpool Newtown Campaign Coalition to draw attention of residents of Shepway to the life changing developments planned by the Council for this area.


–                                                                                                                                        “Campaign against life-changing developments in Shepway Continue reading Protest March in Hythe

Behind The Scenes At Hythe Auction

By Jenny Johns

What do you do with the piece of china that your great aunt has left you or the table, inherited from your mother, that’s too large to fit into your new flat? You could advertise it for sale on ebay of course, but such pieces aren’t something you can easily arrange to deliver. You don’t just want to make a donation to a charity shop; you’d like to raise some money on the item so you could buy something that you would like and that would be a memento. Continue reading Behind The Scenes At Hythe Auction

Jimper’s Jottings

Swim wade or paddle, the people of Hythe, Romney Marshes, Rye and Hastings wanted to avoid of these summer pastimes during the bad weather of December and January. The low depression in December that caused a tidal surge that almost topped the defences in many places between Folkestone and Hastings. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings