The Hastings Trolley Busses

80 Years Ago in Hastings
By Roland Jempson

On April 1st 1928 Hastings experienced a new type of public transport. The opening of the towns new Trolleybus system, it was inaugurated by four of the newly delivered GUY BTX 60 Trolleybuses Nos 1, 2, 3 and 4 with Christopher Dodson open top bodies, on the No 4 route, Hollington to the Fish Market via Bohemia Road and The Memorial, replacing the Trams on the part of the route to the Memorial (Trams did not operate to the Fish Market or Old Town). One of the Trolleybuses was even driven by Mr Vincent Edwards the Manager, The First four were decorated with Flags and Bunting, and had as passengers invited guests and Ex Servicemen. Continue reading The Hastings Trolley Busses