Bernard Clark

Bernard Clark’s Page in the April Rye’s Own is causing lots of interest this month.

Bernar Clark
.            Bernard Clark


Bernard is the born and bred Ryer that tells it as it is – He writes the things that most people agree with but would not dare to say. Bernard has always stepped in where angels fear to tread. He is cantankerous and accident prone but always funny. Life makes him scowl but his outlook makes others smile. He talks a lot of sense among the nonsense and if he were standing for Parliament he would, no doubt, be elected.

He was a keen cyclist when he was young, riding with some style for the Rye Wheelers. He has been trying to make a come-back but unfortunately keeps falling off but he will get there eventually.

Bernard was the star of a local film when he was young. “Bernard’s Nightmare” was not a box office success but we have found a copy and are having it transferred to DVD so that readers will be able to view it on this website – Watch this space.

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