Students From Around The World Visit Rye

An international delegation of 30 students from IMA International visited The Rye Partnership in June to learn about how the Partnership tackles regeneration the Rye bay area. Delegates came from Ethiopia, Sweden, Uganda, Angola, Niger, Thailand, Tanzania, Zambia, Afghanistan, India and Honduras. Continue reading Students From Around The World Visit Rye

Old Pictures Raise £1,500


Old Rye Pictures helped to Raise £1,500 at the Riverside

British Aid for Deprived Children

By Martin Carter

Three years ago, Stuart Pope and I joined the ‘Convoy Of Hope’ driving trucks full of locally collected aid to Kosovo. This was run by a small privately run charity called British Humanitarian Aid and comprised of vehicles – small vans, trucks, a coach and an articulated lorry driven by volunteers from all over the country. Continue reading Old Pictures Raise £1,500