Rye Wheelers Greatest Year

Rye Wheelers have a National Champion

Chairman’s Report

I have been doing these reports for over ten years now and each time I have wondered how the club can possibly improve the following year, but amazingly it always seems to. The 2011 act will be a hard one to follow.

The season started with an entry of 21 Rye members in the Southborough Wheelers New Year “10”, one third of the field, a sign of the club’s strength in depth when it comes to time trialing. No less than eight Rye Ladies were on the start sheet for the season opener, even though Bronwen Ewing was out of action following the operation on her knee. Best of the Rye riders was Steve Gooch and fastest Rye lady was Rebecca Wilson. Monty Wilson was the fastest young rider.

A great early season ride by Barry Goodsell, Steve Gooch and Nick Wilson in the KCA Three-Up “25” saw them take fourth place against the cream of Kent time trialists. Bronwen led a Rye Wheelers Ladies Team to second place.

By March Bronwen was strong enough to win the Ladies “10” in the Southborough event on the Tenterden course. Deborah Percival of 34th. Nomads was Second and our own Carmen Kubisa Third. Steve was Sixth in the men’s event.

By April Nick Wilson had got under the hour and beaten Steve Gooch in a KCA “25”. Bronwen won the Ladies event. Carmen was the fastest woman in the West Kent Road Club “10” the following week.

On May Day Bronwen celebrated another victory in the KCA “10”. Sarah Sutton (SFA) was Second and Jane Wadsworth (De Laune) Third.

Bob Giles was winning vets prizes in almost every event he rode and Mark Amon, Rod Harrow and Steve Marchant were improving week by week.

The Wigmore “25” saw Three Rye Wheelers under the hour. Nick Wilson, Steve Gooch and Barry Goodsell took Third Team, with only trade teams Date Allstars and Quickvit Trainsharp ahead of them. Bronwen won the Womens prize in this prestigious event.

In the San Fairy Ann “50” Bronwen won again and was the fastest Rye rider, beating all the men!

Nick, Steve and Barry won team event in the KCA “50” in June, which was organised by the Club on behalf of the KCA

The National 24 Hour

June was the month of the National Championship “24” Hour – Held on Sussex Roads it was the ideal opportunity for Rye & District Wheelers members to try their hands against the big boys and girls.

Bronwen had had this event on her mind for almost two years and trained with enthusiasm. Could she actually win it and become the Club’s first ever individual National Champion? There were doubters, of course, but very few in this club. We all knew of her determination and courage, after all, what other woman (or man for that matter) has got up off the road after two miles in a “50”, battered and blooded, with a broken crossbar, only one gear and no sweets, and gone on, not only to finish but to actually win the event?

It was a great event, promoted by one of our own, the legendary long distance rider of old, Esther Carpenter. Three ladies and five men from the club faced the timekeepers at Michlesham Priory and set off on an adventure into the unknown. Even more members of the club were present to see them off and support them day and night with help and encouragement. Hundreds of cyclists were drafted in as marshals and their were members of many clubs supporting every rider as they passed.

Bronwen was strong throughout, fighting off a challenge from Jacqueline Hobson of the Warwickshire Road Club and going ahead on the night circuit, a lead she increased as the miles went by, eventually beating Jacqueline by over forty miles, a magnificent achievement.

Bronwen  and Craig Ewing
Bronwen and Craig Ewing

For all the hundreds of photographs snapped over the two days, this is my favourite, the very first one taken at the start. It is a look that says ‘Thank you” to Craig for all the support he has shown over the hard 18 months that Bronwen has gone through to get herself prepared for the “24”. Her serious knee operation that threw some doubt on her chances of even riding the event, through the tough times of the recovery period when doubts crept in and on into the hard months of training sessions, when Craig often accompanied Bronwen on rides that were almost beyond his abilities as a mere mortal.

Bronwen’s win is an achievement beyond any that could have been even dreamed about in the days of late 2000, when Gary Booth, Mervyn Robbins, Stuart Pope and I (all members of the Club from the old days of the 50’s and 60’s.) peddled laboriously to Appledore and back (that’s as far as we had energy for) on those early runs after the club was re-activated. Had I suggested then, that in 10 years Rye & District Wheelers would have an individual National Champion, they would have thought I was mad.

As riders and helpers waited in the hall at Lower Dicker for the result to be announced, Bronwen had not come to terms that she could be the winner and as we all tried to reassure her, and ourselves, that she really had done it, at last came the official confirmation and she was presented with her Champions Cap

Bronwen is National 24 Hour Ladies Champion 2011
Bronwen is National 24 Hour Ladies Champion 2011

And what about our other Ladies? They were magnificent. Only once before in the history of the National 24 Hour Championship have one club had four women finishers. Rebecca Wilson, Carmen Kubisa and Keeley Chalk have all become legends in the club and their epic rides will be talked about for years to come.

Before I move on from the “24”, I must pay a tribute to Steve Gooch. I badgered him into riding the event and he based the whole of the first part of the season around it. His 412 miles, six more than Bronwen, put him in eighteenth place overall, the highest placing ever for a male Rye Wheeler in any National Championship. It is a club record that will remain on the books for many years, possibly even forever. After the “24” Steve has struggled with his favourite short distance time trials but I feel sure he will be fighting it out in the club’s short distance Championships next season.

More Successes

In the Kent Vets “50” we had second team to VC Elan, despite Steve Gooch not riding. Mark Amon, who has improved in leaps and bounds this year, made the third counter.

Due to an unfortunate accident Bob Giles suffered, the De Laune “25” was stopped and abandoned. Bob’s injuries prevented him riding in the KCA “100” or 12 Hour.”

Bog Giles was injured in the De Laune 25 and the event had to be abandoned
Bog Giles was injured in the De Laune 25 and the event had to be abandoned

The KCA 100 was held at the beginning of August on a new, much flatter course, and despite strong winds, resulted in some remarkable times. Nick Wilson emerged as one of the best distance riders in Kent, placing second against VC Elan’s unstopable Andy Miles. Nick’s time was less than two and a half minutes slower than Dave Wheeler’s club record. Bronwen beat the Ladies record and became the KCA Ladies Champion, she was seventh overall. The much improved Mark Amon was eighth

Bronwen went off to Norfolk to ride the National Time Trial Championships against the very cream of Britain’s lady riders, leaving Rebecca in Escaland to win the Ladies Championship 100 mile title on Sussex roads.

Then came the KCA 12 Hour and a new lady to the ranks of the Rye wheelers made a big impact. Emma Cutler led the ladies race for many miles but two trips off course cost her seven miles and put her out of contention for the win. Emma, an experienced endurance mountain biker, fought back to third place and the Club Championship.

Mark Amon showed real class and took his first Club Championship with a fine 233 miles. He was eighth overall. Mark is pictured below.

Mark Amon

Bronwen was top lady on the Wigmore Hill Climb, beating the National 100 Mile Champion Rebecca Slack, and Alan Tynne led the boys to a fantastic team win.

Bronwen rode to a magnificent 5th. place in the Nat Championship Hill Climb on Long Hill (4.4miles) in the Peak District.

There have been many non racing achievements during 2011. The Club duly won the VTTA Reliability Trial for the sixth successive year, two more wins will equal the Fairies eight in a row record. Riders from the club took part in many Reliability Trials, Fun Runs, Audaxes and Sportives.

There have been regular weekly club runs on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. A Chain Gang operates on Wednesdays thought the autumn and winter months, several riders take part in ‘spin classes’ at Rye Sports Centre on Friday evenings and Emma Cutler is in the process or setting up off road training at Bedgebury on Saturdays.

One of the highlights of the year was a run in France organised by Paul Simpson. Ten members enjoyed a fantastic weekend as guests of the Ardres Cycling Club. They had visited us earlier in the year and come on a run with us that included the flat Romney Marshes highlighted with the contrast of the West Hythe climb. Many more meetings, runs and perhaps even races with Ardres are in the pipeline.

Last Sunday I went to the KCA Luncheon, what a great afternoon. There were 300 awards made and Rye & District Wheelers took no less than 71! The most of any association club. The Fairies won just 29. How Dave Ashdown and Bernie Dean would have enjoyed that, in their day we rarely beat them at anything on the road.

So another year is coming to a close, many of us have raced more miles than at any time in our lives. I still intend to beat that 200 miles in next year’s KCA “12” but for the immediate future there is a new challenge. A new club has been formed in Kent and they are saying they will start off the year with a bigger entry in the New Year’s Day “10” than the Rye Wheelers! We have had top numbers in this event for the past five years – are we going to make it six? There are entry forms included in this year book!

Jim Hollands

10 Mile Championships

Barry Goodsell (pictured below) returns to Championship winning form.

Barry Goodsell

They say the cream comes to the top on the big occasions. This was certainly true for the Men’s Club 10 Championship. Barry Goodsell has won more Wheelers Championships than even the legendary Fred ‘Curly’ Price but he was said to be the outsider for this years “10” Championship. Earlier results this year showed he trailed both Steve Gooch and new contender Nick Wilson. Barry turned out his best ride of the season, the old Champion was back at the top, beating Nick by six seconds and Steve by twenty-one seconds, a fine performance showing tremendous determination. Next year could see new contenders for the club championships. Watch out for Mark Amon, Barney Reed, Gary King and Alan Thynne. Nick Wilson, who has been the man on form at most distances this season has been outstanding in time trials, running very close to Dave Wheelers 100 mile record. Perhaps next season he will be threatening Dave’s short distance times which many thought would stand for years.

Bronwen Ewing
Bronwen Ewing


BRONWEN GETS HER TITLE BACK Bronwen Ewing, Ladies 10 Champion in 2009, took the title back from Keeley Chalk in fine style with a short ’24’. Keeley and the other girls should not worry that they were beaten by four minutes and more because Bronwen is capable of giving even the best riders in the country a run for their money. The rest of the ladies finished in a two minute time frame and demonstrated what strength the club has in the women’s ranks. The standard of “10” times among the ladies has gone up out of all proportion since Bronwen arrived and set much higher targets. In 2007 only one of the nine starters got under 30 minutes. This year only one was outside and no less than six riders were inside evens, and four of these beat 29 minutes.

15 Mile Championships

Bronwen shattered her 15 mile record by almost a minute in winning the Club “15” Ladies Championship which was incorporated in the KCA “15”. Her efforts also won her the KCA Championship. Rebecca was second with another excellent ride and Amber made vast improvements on her own PB to finish in third place just a minute behind Rebecca. The Mens Championship was won by Nick Wilson in 34-51, the new 12 Hour Club Champion, Mark Amon was second and Bob Giles third. Mark has improved to a point now where he is on the verge of being a contender for all next years club championships. The KCA “15” has been held on many different courses around the area but this seems to be the toughest. The A20 is not the best of places to race. The original course based on Bethersden was better but the potentially fastest course is the Appledore Circuit to Snargate. Unfortunately, when this was tried for one year there was a gale blowing and it made up the minds of KCA officials that this course should not be used.

Rebecca Wilson ESCA 100 Champion
Rebecca Wilson ESCA 100 Champion

Bronwen Ewing the Wheelers Kent Cycling Association Ladies 100 Champion did not compete in the ESCA 100, but Rebecca Wilson took her place in fine fashion, winning the equivalent East Sussex title and leaving the Club with a 100 mile Ladies Champion on each side of the border. Rebecca, who was fourth Lady in the National 24 Hour event in June also rode the KCA 12 in September and, probably uniquely, also ran in this years London Marathon. Rebecca recorded a time of 5h.37m.58s. Mark Amon was the fastest of the Rye Wheelers finishing in 13th. place (4-28-58) Andrew Croft was 30th. (5-02-32); Steve Maxted (5-18-40) and Jim Hollands (5-33-51).

25 Mile Championships

Men’s 25 Mile Championship 2011

Nick Wilson
Nick Wilson

1. Nick Wilson 57.34

2. Barry Goodsell 59.09

3. Mark Amon 1:02.10

4. Bob Giles 1:05.11

5. Andy Croft 1:10.46

6. Jim Hollands 1:17.37

Steve Gooch DNS

Craig Ewing DNS

Steve Marchant DNS

Ladies 25 Mile Championship 2011

Bronwen is National 24 Hour Ladies Champion 2011
Bronwen is National 24 Hour Ladies Champion 2011

1. Bronwen Ewing 1:02.02

2. Rebecca Wilson 1:15.56

Ann Marchant DNS

Brenda Davies DNS

Julie Bryant DNS


1957 Roma Page 1-22-29

2005 Katie Alexander 1-16-41

2008 Liz King 1-14-25

2009 Bronwen Ewing 1-05-26

2010 Bronwen Ewing 1-02-19

2011 Bronwen Ewing 1-02-02

2011 Bronwen Ewing 1-01-01


1957 Roma Page 1-29-29

2007 Liz King 1-17-24

2008 Liz King 1-14-25

2009 Bronwen Ewing 1-05-26

2010 Bronwen Ewing 1-02-19

2011 Bronwen Ewing 1-02-02

The National 24 Hour Championship

Bronwen and Mr. Ewing

Those of us who rode the National 24 in Sussex know what went into
Bronwen’s amazing Championship winning ride last June.
Hours of effort and concentration during the event and the many thousands
of miles done in training since her serious knee operation at the
end of the 2010 season put her into a position where she was capable
of beating any long distance lady rider in Britain.
Keeley Chalk

Rebecca Wilson ESCA 100 Champion
Rebecca Wilson ESCA 100 Champion

Gentle turbo training at the start of the year soon led on to more
strenuous efforts as her knee got stronger. By March she was leading
a Rye Ladies team in the 3-Up “25” and soon Bronwen was back into
winning ways and piling on more and more miles. When the weather was
bad it was hours spent on the turbo – eight hours in one case.
The name Bronwen Ewing Rye & District Wheelers topped virtually every
ladies result sheet during March, April and May. Dave Page

Steve Gooch Best placed of the Rye Riders
Steve Gooch Best placed of the Rye Riders
Carmen Kubisa - Gutsy ride
Carmen Kubisa – Gutsy ride

The Twenty-Four
loomed ever closer and now the Rye riders were actually training over
sections of the course. There were planning meetings and many members
were recruited to support Bronwen and the rest of the team on the
On the day Bronwen, Keeley, Carmen and Rebecca were up for the challenge.
Of the Rye men, Steve Gooch was the only one with a serious chance
of getting into the top twenty.
The rest is history. Bronwen Ewing became the first Rye Wheeler ever
to win an individual National Championship. Rebecca finished fourth,
Carmen fifth and Keeley sixth. They became only the second four ladies
from one club to finish the 24 Hour Championship.

Mark Amon
Mark Amon
Steve Maxted
Steve Maxted
Jim Hollands
Jim Hollands








Steve Gooch was 18th., Andy Croft 52nd., Steve Maxted 56th., Jim Hollands
58th., David Page 78th., only Mark Amon was forced to retire with
an inflamed nerve that made it impossible for him to peddle.
Bronwen does not intend to defend her title next year as she plans
to take part in shorter Championship events but there has been some
talk among the other Ladies of travelling to Merseyside where the
Championship 24 is due to be held in 2012. Could it be that the new
Club “12” Champion, Emma Cutler, could join them?

1 Andrew Wilkinson Port Sunlight Wheelers 541.17
2 John Warnock Twickenham CC 517.64
3 David Shepherd GS Stella 483.93
18 Steve Gooch Rye & District Wheelers 412.86
22 Bronwen Ewing Rye & District Wheelers 406.78
29 Michael Pumphrey Thornton RC 401.80
44 Jacqueline Hobson Warwickshire RC 362.96
52 Andrew Croft Rye & District Wheelers 341.44
55 Colin Tuckwell Thornton RC 333.19
57 Russ Mason Thornton RC 326.44
59 Alec Mayes Ashford Wheelers 322.45
60 Ann Bath Kingston Phoenix RC 319.99
62 Rebecca Wilson Rye & District Wheelers 314.71
64 Chris Parker Hastings & St.Leonards CC 308.11
66 Steve Maxted Rye & District Wheelers 303.56
68 Jim Hollands Rye & District Wheelers 299.22
69 Carmen Kubisa Rye & District Wheelers 291.01
72 Keeley Chalk Rye & District Wheelers 281.98
73 Andrew Nye (trike) Ashford Wheelers 279.49
78 David Page Rye & District Wheelers 262.05
79 Malcolm Strickland Thornton RC 253.86
80 Caroline Nye (trike) Ashford Wheelers 202.01
99 Mark Amon Rye & District Wheelers DNF
99 David Wheeler In Gear QuickVit DNF
99 John Laker Thornton RC DNF

Mens 50 Mile Championship

1. Nick Wilson 02:00:28
2. Barry Goodsell 02:00:59
3. Mark Amon 02:07:34
4. Robert Giles 02:08:29
5. Rodney Harrow 02:21:30
6. Andrew Croft 02:22:34
7. Gary King 02:27:07
8. Jim Hollands 02:32:52
0. Steve Gooch DNS
0. David Page DNS

Womens 50 Mile Championship

Julie Bryant was second
Julie Bryant was second








1. Bronwen Ewing 02:07:36
2. Julie Bryant 02:37:51
3. Carmen Kubisa 02:38:16
4. Rebecca Wilson 02:41:48
5. Brenda Davies 02:50:52
6. Amber Carroll 03:02:46

Nick Wilson
Nick Wilson

The 100 Championship

1. Nick Wilson 4:07.53
2. Mark Amon 4:25.06
3. Jim Hollands 5:23.22
Steve Maxted DNF
Bob Giles DNS

1. Bronwen Ewing 4:21.27
Carmen Kubisa DNS

It was a very special day in August when Bronwen became the KCA and
Club “100” Ladies Champion, setting a new club record in the process.

Nick Wilson gained his highest placing in an open event, beaten only
by KCA Best All Rounder Champion Andy Miles. Nick’s time was less
than two and a half minutes outside Dave Wheeler’s Club 100 record.
Mark Amon did a personal best by several minutes and Jim Hollands
did a lifetime best, knocking over seven minutes off of his time.

Magnificent Mark

Mark Amon
Mark Amon

Mark Amon crowed his best ever season with a 233 plus mile ride in
the “12” to win the coveted Bernie Dean Memorial Shield in fine style,
by 23 miles, from last year’s winner Andy Croft. Jim Hollands was
third with 195 miles and Steve Maxted, riding his last ever “12”,
finishing with 183 miles.

Emma Takes the Women’s Championship

Emma Cutler 2011 Rye Wheelers 12 Hour Ladies Champion
Emma Cutler 2011 Rye Wheelers 12 Hour Ladies Champion

Emma Cutler took the Club Women’s “12” Championship with a fabulous
ride of 206 miles. It would have been 212 but for a missing marshal
and a six mile excursion off course. All this after just three 10
mile time trials. Emma is no stranger to endurance racing however,
having taken part in 12 and 24 hour Mountain Bike events.
Our new East Sussex 100 Mile Ladies Champion, Rebecca Wilson was second
with 188 miles and Amber Carroll, riding her first race over 50 miles,
third with 180 plus miles, smiling all the way round.
A special mention of Rebecca’s year. Not only did she complete the
KCA “12”, the National Championship “24” and win the ESCA “100”, this
very special lady also completed the London Marathon in a very creditable
time. This must surely be a unique record.

The KCA 12 Hour

1 Andy Miles VC Elan 267.302 2 Tom Glandfield Lewes
W. 256.834 3 Shay Giles VC Elan 251.328 4 Peter Moon
Eastbourne 247.319 5 Stuart Birnie Willesden CC 240.603
6 Martin Brown 7 Oaks Tri 236.462 7 Matthew Rowley OxonianCC
233.444 8 Mark Amon Rye Wheelers 233.303 9 Peter Baker Lewes
Wan. 231.069 10 Geoff Smith Eastbourne 227.064 11 Howard
Staunton Hainault 223.703 12 Ian McNally Westerley 221.188
13 Carol Bridge Acme Wh 216.482 14 John Clarey Gemini
BC 215.805 15 Alan Lloyd Lewes Wan. 215.485 16 Brian Powney
Kingston Ph 214.598 17 Chris McGuire Hampshire 212.219 18 Robert
Wheeler Thornton 210.433 19 Andrew Croft Rye Wheelers 210.284
20 Richard Claxton VC Elan 209.760 21 Alec Mayes Ashford Wh
208.084 22 Deborah Hope Medway 207.207 23 Donald Houghton
Thornton 206.977 24 Andrew Green Old Port 206.383 25 Emma
Cutler Rye Wheelers 206.138 26 Russ Mason Thornton RC 205.759
27 John Laker Thornton RC 202.922 28 Colin Tuckwell Thornton
202.591 29 Peter Hayes Catford CC 200.276 30 Sally Smith
Medway Velo 196.617 31 Trevor Hall Thornton RC 195.645 32
Jim Hollands Rye Wheelers 195.488 33 Peter Holland Lincoln Wh
192.509 34 Bob Watts San Fairy Ann 189.99 35 Rebecca Wilson
Rye Wh 188.728 36 Louise Laker Thornton RC 188.668 37 Chirs
Lovibond Hounslow 183.612 38 Steve Maxted Rye Wheelers 183.582
39 Rupert Robin Brighton M 182.245 40 Bob Burden Tri Spirit
181.896 41 Amber Carroll Rye Wheelers 180.407 42 Andrew Nye
Ashford Wh 178.165 43 Ann Bath Kingston Phoenix 168.504 44 Stephen
Ratcliffe Thornton 168.459 45 Alyson Nye Tri Spirit 167.435
46 Chris Parker Hastings CC 163.930 47 Jari Lyden Thornton
RC 161.463

The Wigmore Hill Climb

Alan & Bronwen Win with Record Breaking Times
The Club’s new Hill Climbing Star, Alan Thynne, who led the famous
Wigmore climb for over 30 minutes, eventually finishing in sixth place
and leading the Wheelers to a team win, has taken the Club Championship.
Steve Gooch finished second, dropping last year’s champion Nick Wilson
into third spot by two seconds.
“The fixed wheel did the trick” he claimed. Barry Goodsell was fourth.
Bronwen won the Ladies Title with a Ladies Course Record for the tough
hill. Alan’s effort was also a Club Record for the climb.

Bronwen wins the Wigmore Hill Climb
Bronwen wins the Wigmore Hill Climb

Bronwen Ewing of Rye & District Wheelers, the National 24 Hour Champion
took on Rebecca Slack of The Altitude Centre, the National 100 Mile
Champion in the famous Wigmore Hill Climb.
The two long distance women champions raced over the very shortest
of time trials, a mad dash up the 1200 yard Hollingbourne Hill on
2 October in the 36th annual running of the event on what was probably
the hottest day it has ever been held.
Ten ladies started among the field of 61 riders. The bright sunny
morning attracted a large number of spectators many of them cycling
out to the venue.
Kate Bosley of San Fairy Ann set the early pace among the ladies with
a 5.15 this was the best time until her team mate Jennifer Stuart-Smith
arrived at the timekeeper with 4.56. Clare Elms of Redmond CC knocked
over 30 secs off Jennifer’s time but this was quickly beaten by last
year’s winner Deborah Percival in 4.14
Bronwen was next, she powered up the steep last section of the hill,
still in the saddle. It was a spectacular finish, beating Deborah’s
time by almost 10 seconds. A group of Rye Wheelers were gathered near
the finish and waited with baited breath for the arrival of Rebecca
Slack. Rated number one lady in the event she was off from the back
of the field. Rebecca stormed up the last section of the course but
those who had seen Bronwen finish knew that Rebecca would not better
the time of the flying Rye girl. And so it was. Rebecca Slack was
20 seconds slower, just good enough for third place by 3/10sec.

Ladies Result

1. Bronwen Ewing Rye & District Wheelers 04:05.5
2. Deborah Percival 34th Nomads CC – GEM Hygiene 04:14.7
3. Rebecca Slack The Altitude Centre 04:25.6
4. Clare Elms Redmon CC 04:25.9
5. Jennifer Stuart-Smith San Fairy Ann CC 04:56.4
6. Louise Mason Medway Velo Club 05:00.0
7. Deborah Hope Medway Velo Club 05:03.7
8. Kate Bosley San Fairy Ann CC 05:15.5
9. Keeley Chalk Rye & District Wheelers 05:30.4
10. Sarah Bosley San Fairy Ann CC 07:24.4

Rye Men Win the Team Prize

Wheelers winning team at Wigmore Hill Climb
Wheelers winning team at Wigmore Hill Climb

With a prize list of over £400-00 plus a bonus valued at £250-00 if
the winner finished inside 3 minutes many people expected to see a
new record set in what appeared to be perfect conditions.
When Alan Thynne (Rye & District) off number 12 recorded 3m 31.7s
it certainly looked as though the bonus prize would be taken by the
later starters.
Alan’s time was unbeaten for 34 minutes until Joe Harris (Reading
C.C.) took the lead, arriving in 3m 16.8s. It was left to the last
4 riders to try and win the top prize.
Will Manger (In Gear) got close with 3m 17.4s, eventually finishing
in 3rd place.
The last 3 riders were all veterans and produced very good times with
Steve Hopkins (Ashford Whls) 3m 31.4s for 5th position and Kevin Tye
(DataAllstars) 4th with 3m 20.9s. This left the last starter Peter
Tadros (In Gear) who won in 2009 the only rider capable of taking
the top prize. Although he made a gallant effort it wasn’t quite good
enough and he had to be content with the £50-00 prize for 1st place
with a time of 3m 7.7s.
Alan Thynne was placed sixth. Steve Gooch, determined to beat Bronwen’s
time, actually surpassed himself with a 3m.51.7 taking eleventh place
and Barry Goodsell also improved on his last years effort with a fine
4m.03.6, doing Bronwen out of a team award by less than 2 seconds!
Alan, Steve and Barry won the team event for Rye & District Wheelers.
With Mark Amon and Keeley Chalk also doing very creditable rides it
turned out to be another great day for Rye cycling. Bronwen went on
to Leeds for the National Hill Climb Championship and was placed 5th.

The National Hill Climb Championship 2011

Bronwen Ewing riding to 5th. place in the 2011 Hill Climb Championship

As winter’s darkness arrived on October 30 the last of the 2011 RTTC
national championships took place It marked the end of a busy season
for Rye Wheelers own Bronwen Ewing who joined battle with the ‘big
girls’ in the Buxton CC promoted hill climb title race on Long Hill,
Whaley Bridge, in the High Peak.
The event attracted an entry of over 150 with all of this seasons
hill climb specialists doing battle over the 4.4-mile climb.
This climb was much longer and not as steep as the Wigmore event which
Bronwen won three weeks prior to the National and the CTT preview
forecast that Rebecca Slack, Lynn Hemel and Hanah Walker would figure
on the podium. They were nearly right. It was won by Lynn Hemel, with
Rebecca Slack second. Road Racer, Sarah Bryne was third.
Bronwen did the ride of her life among the elite women riders in the
country and was place fifth, missing third spot by just 11.5 seconds.
Bronwen is the 2011 Twenty-Four Hour National Champion. No one in
the history of cycling, man or woman, has won both the longest and
shortest time trial distance championship events Bronwen Ewing must
surely be the one who has come the closes to achieving the ‘impossible
Bronwen is already making plans for the 2012 season



From 2011 Rye & District Wheelers Year Book

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