Rye Trawler Lands a Penguin

Sea Rescue in Rye Bay

The motor yacht “Penguin” owned by Mr. Wadsworth of London, en-route from Ramsgate to Shoreham, ran into difficulties when a rope fouled its propeller.

Gale force winds whipped up huge seas and the yacht sent up distress rockets.

Rye trawler “Endeavour” with Ronnie Sim­mons and David Osborne aboard went to her assistance. Their attempt to take the vessel in tow was unsuccessful because the crew of the “Penguin” were unable to cut loose their anchor.

The Hastings lifeboat arrived on the scene and took off the “Penguin’s” whole crew, leaving her to the mercy of the sea.

“Endeavour” came back to the yacht, and David Osborne went aboard with a line. Somehow he managed to free the anchor. Then came the difficult and dangerous task of towing “Penguin” into Rye.

After anxious moments in the harbour mouth, when at times the two vessels were out of sight of each other behind sixteen-foot waves, Ronnie Simmons brought “Endeavour” safely in with the line to the yacht still intact.

The “Penguin” was berthed at the Strand, a broken boom bearing witness to the pounding she had taken.

Ronnie Simmons aboard the Penguin
Ronnie Simmons aboard the Penguin

Ronnie Simmons ( left ) talks with Mr. Wadsworth aboard ‘Penguin’ after the rescue.

“Rye’s Own” June 1968

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