Miss Rye’s Own 1968

The Finalists

The five young ladies pictured are the finalists in the 1968 Miss Rye’s Own Competition. You, our readers, are asked to judge the final.

Just pick out who you think should be ‘Miss Rye’s Own, 1968 and send a post card with your choice to— Miss Ry~. Own, Rye’s Own Office, 6 Cinque Ports Street, Rye. Sign your name on the card—you may have only one vote, but more than one vote can be registered on each card if all voters put their signatures next to their selection.

All votes must be received by first past on Saturday, 25th May 1968


The winner of this exciting competition will become ‘Miss Rye’s Own 1968’ and will appear as Cover Girl in our July issue. The winner will also receive a free hair-do, a set of studio photos and a £5 voucher for cosmetics.


Shirley Croucher 2

No. 1 Shirley Croucher

18 year old Shirley Croucher of Ncw Road is a Receptionist at Osborne’s Hairdressers in the Landgate. This pretty brunette, who attended Rye County Secondary School and then worked as an assistant in Boots the Chemists before taking up her new post, is mad keen on fashion and does her best to keep up with it.

Shirley’s ambition is to travel, to Australia preferably, but all foreign countries have a fascination for her.

Sue Carvell

No. 2  Sue Carvell

Another receptionist, this time at Adams of Rye Limited, is sweet seventeen. Like all five finalists she was educated at Rye County Sec­ondary School (it seems that all the pretty girls come from there). She worked at Rose-anne’s Boutique and Dean’s before settling at Adams.

Sue’s hobbies are dancing and records. Her favourite pop star is Paul Jones and her ambi­tion is to become a model.

Jean Gosling

No. 3  Jean Goslin

Our number three, Jean Goslin, is yet another receptionist. She works in Hastings at Raynors the Opticians.

Jean, who is 21, is learning to drive and among her many ambitions is one to own her own sports car. Hobbies? Swimming, sunbath­ing and dancing.

Miss Goslin has had several interesting jobs since leaving school at R.C.S. Engineering Clerk, Computer Reference Clerk, Photo­grapher’s Model and G.P.O. Telephonist.

Briget Boreham

No. 4  Bridget Boreham

Bridget was a finalist in the 1967 competition and collected a great number of votes. She is hoping to do just a little better this time.  Miss Boreham is 17 and is at present training to be a children’s nursery nurse at St. Christo­phers Training College, Tunbridge Wells. This is a three year course of which she has com­pleted half.

Bridget, whose home is at Udimore Road, has been interested in children for as long as she can remember and they even come at the top of her hobby list. She is very keen on sport and her ambition is to travel.

Ann Hoad

No. 5 Ann Hoad

Like Shirley Croucher, Ann Hoad worked at Boots the Chemist after leaving school at R.C.S. She now works nearer home, at Beckley Post Office; she has lived in Beckley all her life.

Ann, another 17 year old, is keen on dancing and photography and her ambition is to be a beautician.

And the Winner is ……..

Shirley Croucher

Shirley Croucher

No less than 1,287 votes were recorded this year in our Miss Rye’s Own competition and once again the result was very close.

Eighteen-year-old Shirley Croucher of New Road has topped the poil and is the third winner of thc title. As well as being our “cover girl” this month Shirley will be presented with a £5 token for cosmetics, a free “hair do” and a set of studio photographs as a permanent reminder of her achievement.

Shirley 2

Shirley Croucher is a very pretty brunette with an ambitious outlook on life. Born at Brede on Christmas Eve 1949 she moved to Rye with her family three years later. Educated at Rye Primary and Rye Secondary Modem, where she represented the school at hockey, she followed the path of many Rye youngsters by starting her working life as a shop assistant. Shirley worked at Boots the Chemists for three years and in that time made lots of friends, many of whom voted for her in this com­petition.

Shirley’s second job was as a receptionist at Osborne’s the Hair Stylists in the Landgate. Recently she was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Osborne’s daughter Sandra.

Miss Rye's Own In Church Square
Miss Rye’s Own In Church Square

Miss Croucher has no plans. for an early marriage, she wants to be a career girl and has a burning ambition to go to Western Australia, not necessarily to live there but at least for a visit.

Shirley wishes to thank all those who voted for her, especially the many out-of-town voters.

Shirley in GFH 99
Shirley in GFH 99

This year we are making a special award to the runner-up. It is not our policy to declare the number of votes cast for each entry and we shall not be doing so this time. What we can say, however, is that Bridget Boreham was beaten by the margin of eight votes. Bridget will receive a £2 token for cosmetics.

The other girls all recorded a great number of votes and were within striking distance of the winner. Every one of the finalists was well supported and we hope they will enter again next year.


The number of votes cast this year was a record

1966                           717
1967                 …                                     I .208

Shirley Croucher 2

From the May & July 1968 issues of “Rye’s Own”


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From the May & July 1968 Issues of “Rye’s Own”

All articles, photographs and drawings on this web site are World Copyright Protected. No reproduction for publication without prior arrangement. © World Copyright 2015 Cinque Ports Magazines Rye Ltd., Guinea Hall Lodge Sellindge TN25 6EG