Queen Mother Visits Rye 1980

A Rye & District Movie Society Film made of the visit of H M The Queen Mother to Rye in her position as Warden of the Cinque Ports.

It was July1980 and guns were forged and placed in the Gungarden for her inspection.

Movie Society stalwarts, Joan Camier, Robert De Croix, “Dickie” Dickenson, Fred Masters, Bert Osborne, Chris Turk and Jeffery Waters were the cameramen. 

The Queen Mother's Visit to Rye July 1980
The Queen Mother’s Visit to Rye July 1980

This film, and all the local newsreel films made by the society, were made to be enjoyed by future generations as a record of what happened in the years the Society was active. They had no idea that the internet would make their efforts available to Ryers and lovers of Rye around the globe. This film will be posted this morning Thursday 8 October and be watched in Australia, Canada and New Zealand, among many other places by the end of the day. It will be seen by more people in the next 24 hours than have seen it in the past 35 years.

Please give a thought to those amazing Rye people who had the foresight and ability to produce a film of such quality. No sound but we feel sure everyone who watches will catch sight of someone they know among the great number of people who turned out on such a wet day to see the Queen Mum in Rye.


From the “Rye’s Own” Archive
Released on 8 October 2015

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