Pen & Ink July 2011


Pen & Ink

Dear Editor
I was interested to read the article on Rye St. John Ambulance (page
16) in the June Issue.
I have the same photo of the lads. Front, second left, is Syd Heritage
(my late husband). Also included are Ron Clark, Don Henley, Peter
Batchelor and Peter Hickman.

Your main photograph is, I think, later than 1947. I was a cadet in
1947 and the girls in this picture are younger than I am.
I enclose a few more photos from around that time. Perhaps anyone
who recognises themselves may like to make contact through your magazine.

July 2011 issue of “Rye’s Own”

Girls of theRye St John Ambulance Brigade
Girls of theRye St John Ambulance Brigade

Rye St John Ambulance Cadets Rye St John Cadets St John The Girls of Rye St John