Pen & Ink – August 2000

The Marks on the Wall

Dear Editor

Margaret Palmer mentions “Hucksteps Row” in her ‘Childhood Memories of Rye’. (last months “Rye’s Own”). My mother always referred to Hucksteps Row as ‘Fishgut Alley’.

Another snippet of information which may interest the ‘old Ryers’ who attended the Lion Street School. I started my school days there in 1934. Look at the outside wall of the school (now the F.E. Centre) and you will, see next to the lamppost, a small area of wear on a ledge halfway up. A corresponding mark at the top of the wall and a further blemish on the ledge halfway down the inside of the wall. What are these marks? I am sure the afore mentioned ‘old Ryers’ will know the answer. When lessons began the playground gates were closed forcing any latecomers to enter by way of the Headmasters office which was through the door on the passage between the school and Apps Greengrocers. The alternative was to climb over the wall, hence the marks, and sneak in via the toilets.

H. Williamson Udimore Road.

An Old Customer Returns to the Fold

Dear Editor,

I used to visit Rye in the sixties and always obtained a copy of your charming little magazine. It kept me in touch with all the fine people I used to meet on my annual holiday. It was a very sad day when it went off the market.

Imagine my delight when I returned to the old town after a break of almost ten years and found it on sale again.

I have coerced my friend Sally to send a copy each month and hope to get down to your fine old town much more often now I am retired. Please keep up the good work. Rye is not Rye without “Rye’s Own”.

Robert Young Mitcham

The Best Place in the World

Dear Editor,

We came to Rye for the first time in June and thought it was the most wonderful place we had ever visited. The lady at the Guest House where we stayed for four days was wonderful and made our stay so pleasant.

We visited the Castle Museum and were fascinated by the history of the place. We explored the Church, not the top though – too high. We dined at The Mermaid and the Steak House and were delighted with the food and the service, in fact everyone in all the shops we visited were so nice.

We both agreed it was the best holiday we have ever had and plan to return next year for a three week stay which will give us more time to enjoy what we think is the best place in the world.

Thank you to everyone who made our time in Rye such a pleasure.

Raymonde and Heidi Van Aust Antwerp.

Prewar Paintings

Dear Editor,

I have several drawings and paintings of Rye, the work of my Father from before the war. I wonder if you would be interested in putting them in your magazine? They show several different shops and scenes from the Cattle Market near the station.


Yes John, we would be very interested but as you have forgotten to put your address on your letter we are unable to write to you directly. Please write or phone and we shall include the pictures in a future issue. Editor.

“Rye’s Own” August 2000

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