New Motors From Old

New Motors from Old Relics

Over the past ten years there has been an increasing interest in antiques of all descriptions. The continuing devaluation of the spending power of money has accelerated the move towards investing in material things that will hold and increase their value. Old Motor Cars can be worth more to a modern collector than their original purchase price.

Two local lads, Richard Hollands of Rye and Graham Bradley of Robertsbridge, partners in a car spraying business -Transprays of Staplecross—have recently acquired a very rare R. Type Bentley which they plan to restore to its original condition.

The Bentley, a 1935 Open Tourer with Van dam PIas coach work and twin spare wheels mounted on the wings, will be worth nearly £2,000 when the work is completed.

The rebuilding will take several months of spare time working and involve complete re-upholstery of the leather seats, remoulding the wooden trim-frame and restoring the hood – The body is aluminium so aside from a little straightening work there is not, too much involved here – The engine and mechanical parts are still in superb condition, a tribute to the fine craftsmen and designers of those times.

Graham (left0 and Richard with their Bentley
Graham (left) and Richard with their Bentley

The boys started their ‘Transprays’ business a year ago, and since that time have sprayed almost every type of car imaginable, from Minis to a Rolls Royce. They attribute a lot of their success to their method of body repairs. They evolved a technique using a modern, chemical, rustproof material. Graham thought of the idea when he visited a local boat yard and saw the compound being used to repair sea going boats. He thought that if it was proof against salt water and rough seas it would be ideal for body repairs on Cars. The boys experimented, and found the material surpassed their highest expectations, giving their jobs a polished and lasting finish.

The boys would like to try their hand at restoring a Model T Ford after the Bentley is completed so if you happen to have one rusting away in an outbuilding please give the lads a shout’

From the April 1970 issue of “Rye’s Own”

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